Who Is Your Dream Valentine’s Day Date?

Nick Jonas Plays Ball
Check out Nick playing softball for Road Dogs.
Kim K as Cleopatra
Check out Kim dressed up as the famed queen!
They Dated Who?
These celebs love regular folks!
Do you dream about resting your head against Nick Jonas chiseled chest? Or do you wish you could gab with Kim Kardashian during a mani-pedi session? Celebuzz wants to hear all about it!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Celebuzz wants to know who your dream celebrity V-day date would be. Tell us which celeb you would like to spend the 14th with (and why) and your response may end up on Celebuzz!

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally for lovers, don’t think that your response has to be a purely romantic pick– you can choose a celeb you’d like to hang out with in a platonic way if no famous faces grab your fancy.

Simply leave your response in the comments section, hit us up on our Facebook page, tweet at us or detail your pick on our Tumblr. Check back on Monday to see if your response made the cut!