Lady Gaga’s Wildest Video Moments (VIDEO)

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Pop phenomenon Lady Gaga has established herself as music’s latest and greatest wunderkind, equal parts bold, brazen and bombshell. The superstar makes no apologies for her racy image, which she has translated into her videos. Gaga has become a music video icon, with each offering more fashion-forward and provocative than the last. With a penchant for overstated drama and high fashion creations more fit for couture runway shows than the red carpet, Gaga has reinvented music videos as we know them.

In honor of the release of her first single “Born This Way” (and the sure-to-be-amazing video for it to come),  Celebuzz has compiled some of Gaga’s wildest music video moments.

Gaga teamed up with Beyonce’ for some femme fatale fun in “Telephone:”

Watch Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video:

Lady Gaga poses for the “Paparazzi:”

Watch Gaga’s “Alejandro” video:

Watch Gaga’s “Love Game” video:

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