Christina Aguilera Falls After Grammys Performance (VIDEO)

Christina Aguilera Falls During Grammys

Christina Aguilera is having a rough February. First, she mixed up the words to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, and on Sunday night, she mixed up her footing and took a tumble on stage at the Grammys.

Aguilera, who had just finished belting out a remarkable rendition of an Aretha Franklin tune along with several other singers, was essentially done with her duties when she lost her balance for some reason and stumbled. The camera was panned out at that point, but still looking on stage, one could see Aguilera drop and her fellow singers help her up.

Thankfully for Aguilera, her singing didn't trip in the slightest, and she seemed to be back in prime form, letting her pipes shine. Watch the video after the jump!



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  • Jenn

    This can happen to everyone , and by watching the video she just trip not fall , anyway great voices your girls kick some ass on stage ..

  • Maria

    You all need to leave Christina alone! She's not perfect! Everyone makes mistakes! I didn't even notice that she fell until I saw it on a website today! She's still one of the best singers around & she deserves more credit that she's getting!

  • Ashleigh

    they sounded terrible at the end, all that screaming UGH!

  • Steven Kodachi
    Steven Kodachi

    el comentario esta pasado! ella no se cayo! solo tropezo Ok!