Interesting Celebrity Rider Demands (PHOTOS)

Before They Were Stars
Grammy nominees before they hit it big!
It’s safe to say that celebrities can get whatever they want and whenever they want it, especially on tour.  But if they could have anything they want with the snap of a finger, what would they possibly ask for? With the Grammys closing in this weekend, we can only imagine what the chosen performers have on their riders to prepare for the night. Surely requests must be on a whole new level for this star-studded event.

Luckily, The Smoking Gun has collected a jackpot of celebrity contract riders, revealing demands of our favorite entertainers when they’re on tour. Now all of our questions have been answered, from what kind of ice cream Taylor Swift craves to what Justin Bieber needs to satisfy his sweet tooth.

Find out for yourself who the true food divas are.  Look at some of these riders in our gallery, and if you could have your own rider, what would you ask for?  Let us know in the comments.