Ashley Fink on Her Awesomely 80s Solo & Valentine’s Day Plans

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Even though Ashley Fink’s character Lauren Zizes is being wooed by Mark Salling’s Puck on Glee, her Valentine’s Day plans aren’t necessarily as romantic as a Noah Puckerman serenade.

Ashley, who joked that Mark is a “sensitive lover,” said she hopes she’s at work for Valentine’s Day so she won’t have to think about how “single” she is, and  also commented, “I’m married to Glee. I don’t have time to pee, when do I have time to find a boyfriend?”

Hopefully this Valentine’s Day can shape up to better than one of her last ones:

“My million-year relationship that I was in ended on Valentine’s Day — after I took him to the Lakers game. It was mutual though, and we’re still good friends.”

Ashley can spend Valentine’s Day prepping for the premiere of her first solo, which is a take on the popular 80s hit “I Know What Boys Like.” When Celebuzz asked what the solo was like, Ashley responded:

“I’m a big fan of the song, and I’m a big fan of the Glee songs in general so to have my name on, it’s like ‘Weird!’ We really channeled the 80s for this one. My outfit is silver lamé ruffles, and an off-the-shoulder top with high cut, hot pink Converse. It’s very rock n’ roll. She’s nervous though, so she enlists the help of Puck to get her prepared.”

You can take a listen to Ashley’s version of “I Know What Boys Like” below!

And don’t forget to check out Glee airing Tuesday night! What do you think of Ashley’s first solo? Let us know in the comments!

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