‘House of Anubis’ Stars Dish on Their New Show

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A new year always brings new shows  to TV and Nickelodeon is no exception. This year’s line-up features the British adapted comedy-mystery House of Anubis. The show revolves around eight students living together and uncovering the mysteries of their boarding school and the disappearance of one of the characters, Joy.

Celebuzz recently sat down with two lovely ladies from the show, Jade Ramsey and Nathalia Ramos who gave us details on their characters and relationships with each other on and off-screen.

Check out the interview.

Tell us who you play and describe your characters a bit.
Jade Ramsey: I play Patricia and she’s kind of the wild, rebellious one in the house. She’s very independent and she’s kind of sees everything as black and white. So when Nina first arrives she doesn’t like her at all, she’s really kind of mean to her cause she thinks she has something to do with Joy’s disappearance. She’s a lot of fun to play to as the series goes on you get to see more of her fun rebel side and she becomes friends with Nina. I think she’s really cool, really sarcastic.

Nathalia Ramos: I play Nina the new girl in school and also the only American. She’s a really nice girl, which is something i really like about her, even to Patricia who is so mean to her from the beginning. she is so forgiving and just kind and really, really caring. she is also very adventurous and kind of brave and up for a good adventure. She’s the one who first gets drawn into this mystery when she finds she has this connection to the house and she gets her friends involved and together they have to figure out what is going on.

Are you more similar or different from your character?

JR: I have some similarities and some differences. The funny thing is when i look at all of us, I would say we all have some similarties from our characters and some differences. I would say my similarities would be I definitely stood up for myself at school towards teachers but not as rudely as Patricia might come across but if I were like ‘no, listen, listen, listen’ which Patricia would probably more be like ‘LISTEN!’ I definitely stood up for myself and I would always do random traveling if I felt like going away somewhere or doing something, I would just do it. I like her independence and she kind of sarcastic and witty which I think I can be sometimes. The differences are I wouldn’t be as mean to a new girl. I might think it but I certaintly wouldn’t, I would think about the consequences that might end up falling out with my classmates if I chucked water at them whereas Patricia doesn’t care.

NR: It was really interesting playing Nina actually because we were both going through very similar emotions at the same time. So, I got to kind of play out the girl who is away from home for the first time in a foreign country and have to make all new friends. I completely related to that and understood how she felt and where she was coming from, so acting was kind of like therapy for me and helping me get through being away from home and missing family and being in this new environment.

Your characters were roommates on the show, did you room together off-set?

NR: Ya, we were actually.

JR: It was cool. We were like the perfect roommates. I use to have roommates when I first moved to America and I shared and I hate having roommates. It’s so easy, we work so well.

NR: I never lived away from home before and I never had a roommate before but we just got along so well and I feel like our personalities meshed so well together. Jade is so laid-back and I’m kind of like the mom, cleaning and taking care of things. I remember one time, the perfect example of our kind of relationship, I was in the kitchen cooking. She’s the baker, I’m the cook. I lit the toaster on fire. So undomesticated, it’s pathetic. The two of us together, it’s really bad. I actually lit the toaster on fire and I was like ‘umm, umm Jade the toaster is on fire!’ Five minutes later she kind of walks in and was like ‘so, wait, what happened? what’s wrong?’ I’m shoving trying to put paper towels…not paper towels, cloth over the fire. It was okay but she was just so relaxed about it.

What is your relationships with your other co-stars?
JR: We love them. Everyone is like so good friends. They’re perfect because it could end up not liking any of them but I honestly made such good friends with everyone and we all talk.

NR: We’ve all kept in touch which is awesome because a lot of times you find yourself losing touch with people as time goes on you each have your lives and what not. When  you have eight people together all the time there is never a dull moment.

JR: It was so fun just have so many people to talk to and I loved everyone. We got along so well. We went out even though we worked together and we lived together, we still hung out together.

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