Lady Gaga Talks Sex, Fame With Anderson Cooper on '60 Minutes' (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga With Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes

Now that Lady Gaga hath hatched herself in grand fashion (if you missed her egg stunt at the Grammys, check it out here), she's also opening up in other ways.

The Fame Monster herself, who tends to shy away from doing many mainstream interviews, sat down for a candid chat with Anderson Cooper for 60 Minutes. On tap during their conversation? The fact that some people call her Gaga in bed, which she says "would freak me out." Fair enough. Also on the table? Pretty much everything else about her image, and also her rise to fame from New York City club kid to the biggest pop star in the world.

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Gaga says that the pressure is always on now that she's one of the biggest attractions in entertainment. She tells Cooper:

"Right now, we're in a bar, right? And there's a camera right there and a camera right there ... But if I were to be sitting in this bar, and we didn't have a scheduled interview, there would still be a camera over there and over there and over there. I'm always on camera."
She also boldly declares that she's proud to not just excel in music, but at being famous. ""One of my greatest artworks is the art of fame. I'm a master of the art of fame," she said. She continued later, adding: "Part of my mastering of the art of fame, part of it is getting people to pay attention to what you want them to pay attention to. And not pay attention to the things you don't want them to pay attention to."


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  • passionategagafan

    Actually, she is one of the only celebrities today that sends out a positive messages to her fans & youth today. She encourages them to love themselves, especially those who are bullied and feel outcast. it is people like you, that say vile things, that parents need to watch out for. Wishing her to die in a fire or overdose? Is THAT the kind of message you want to send out, wishing people dead?? it is people like YOU that parents worry about, you are clearly sick in the head if you wish someone, ANYONE, dead! And what messages do other celebrities send out? All they're concerned with is men finding them 'sexy'. Gaga is an inspiration to the youth, young girls, the gay community, and for all the people that have been bullied by nasty cruel people like you. You're probably homophobic aswell, i assume? Calling her a freak, how low. And fyi, she has the largest fan base - she is so loved, people adore her, her fans are so loyal to her, and everyone that she has worked with has nothing but praise for her, saying how down to earth and kind she is. Maybe you should get to know the lady before you start wishing her dead? Watch some interviews, etc. And chill out.

  • GoingGaGa

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