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Channing Tatum and his co-star Jamie Bell signed some seriously cool swag, and Celebuzz wants to give it away to our readers! They'll be three total winners -- the grand prize winner will get a thermal shirt, cap, and key chain signed by Channing, and the two runners up will win signed calendars.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your favorite part of the film! We'll pick the winners on Wednesday. Good luck and get commenting!

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  • ren

    Just wondering if im the only guy who thought the last fight was completely retarded? they were in a line and the britons ran into them, then suddenly they were having 1v1's all over the place :P.....And everyone seems to think that Channing was amazing? I mean.. he did ok but it wasn't anything special. can't believe that every comment is positive... I liked it but it wasnt that good lol

  • jakeybabe

    Did anyone here win? Post if you did! Otherwise I will suspect that Celebuzz kept all the loot for themselves ;).

  • cf

    When are you choosing a winner? anticipation is killin' me! it's almost midnight and wednesday right now, thanks!

  • Faith

    The entire thing is great.

  • mslacey

    I got to see it again (!) and I was so impressed with all the little details. When Marcus and Esca are looking out over the highlands and Esca says it's up to Marcus where they should look because the Legion could be anywhere, Marcus pulls out his little wooden eagle and prays for guidance. Esca watches him and looks down guiltily for a second, because he knows where they should look, but he is torn between his loyalty to his people and his loyalty to Marcus. It's great to watch that struggle play out in Esca.

  • Dani

    My favorite scene was when Marcus gives the thumbs-up in the stadium and encourages the other patrons to change their mind and chant "Life!". It mimics his feelings of knowing he was given a second chance at life after being brave (when he was knocked out by the wagon). He sees the same fearlessness in Esca when matched against a gladiator and you can see how determined he is to save Esca, foreshadowing their friendship to come.

  • luvmylif3

    The Eagle was such an amazing film that it is difficult to name just one favorite scene! Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell are phenomenal together. I am a bit biased to Channing as he is one of my favorite actors, but this is a definite MUST SEE!... It is a 3 way tie" 1) When Esca wakes Marcus to go retrieve the eagle. Marcus states that he thought he had lost him, refering to Esca "turning" on him. That is when I realized that Esca did what he had to in order to get "in" with the tribe and to locate the Eagle for Marcus. 2)The scene where Marcus tells Esca to leave him behind and Esca states that he will only go if he is granted his freedom. When Marcus releases him and he responds that he will not leave him, the true bond that these two men have forged shines. Then as you think Marcus is finished, it is Esca and the Ninth Legion that have come to Marcus' rescue. 3)As Marcus and Esca are marching their way through the village and into the presence of the politicians. Marcus pretty much "shows them" and proves that his family is not what they were labeled to be. He also stands up for Esca and you can see what their friendship means to the two.

  • mslacey

    It's a little scene, but I love when Marcus and Esca hunt the boar. It's just a lot of fun and shows them becoming friends.

  • sugarheart411

    The entire movie was fantastic, (especially since I'm such a huge Channing Tatum fan- He did magnificent!!) But, since I have to choose just one favorite scene, I'll choose the prideful scene at the end where Marcus and Esca boastfully walk in (and they have all the right to) and return the Eagle to the politician who had earlier claimed it could not be saved. I loved Marcus' drive and determination- he wasn't going to let anything get in the way of restoring his family's name for his father's honor. Marcus and Esca's friendship was put through many tests, but in the end, they prevailed together; and together, they were successful. That's why this scene is my favorite- After all they'd been through, they could finally put everything behind them and hold their heads high! Like Marcus, Channing Tatum has worked hard to get where he is; and after The Eagle, I believe he will soar higher and higher! Thanks so much for this opportunity, Celebuzz!! Sabrina Deel

  • lolo

    I love this movie so much! It really does go by too fast.One part that gave me chills was when the politician and his son were guests in Uncle Aquila's home and talking about what an embarrassment Marcus' father was. Marcus loses it and yells that he won't let them "piss on their family name." His anger scared me a little, even when I was feeling it too. To have those politicians who have never been to war decide that not only was Marcus' father not a good enough soldier, but that his death was nothing but embarrassing to them, I was seething. I understood how Marcus would risk everything to prove them wrong. It was so satisfying when Marcus and Esca got to return the Eagle and show them they succeeded. You know Marcus was thinking, "in your face!"

  • lolo

    Haha, Esca was so fast it was funny.

  • violetshadows

    I think the best part of the movie was when the soldiers go to rescue the patrol that was captured by the Britains and form that shielded moving defense and circle and save them, and when Marcus releases Esca from servitude and gives him back his father's knife, but Esca still says he'll find a way to get them both back to Rome, and then runs off like a bunny, super fast.

  • Kurt

    I'm a guy who loves his action flicks. And this one was surprisingly pretty good. I loved Troy and The Patriot because of the big battle scenes depicted and this movie didn't disappoint. The big battle scenes were awesome and very well done, as well as the videography of the environment. And Channing Tatum did a very good job at acting, as well as Jamie Bell. Great plot lead to a great movie.

  • Abby

    Yes yes YES! That was a great moment! *grins* Esca's expression was the best.

  • Maggie Pinango
    Maggie Pinango

    The movie was great! One of my favorite moments was when Esca is about to be killed and the crowd has to choose whether he lives or dies and Marcus gets up and yells at everyone to get their thumbs up! It was so powerful.

  • jakeybabe

    I love the very last scene when Marcus and Esca have just returned the Eagle and told the politician's son off, and they strut out, best friends looking for their next adventure. It has a completely different tone from the rest of the movie--so fun and triumphant.

  • Sarah F.
    Sarah F.

    The entire movie was amazing from start to finish. I did not want the movie to end. I would have to say my favorite scene was when Marcus and Esca proudly walked in with The Eagle and all the men were looking at them as they walked in with The Eagle in disbelief and having to do a double take as they walked past them. It was a proud moment for the two men because they were told that it could not be done because no one would ever try to go out there and find it especially because no Roman has ever come back once they left. Not to mention that Marcus and Esca who were enemies (because of where they were born) were able to team up and get The Eagle. This scene just showed that Marcus was not going to give up and would do anything to re-store his family's name for his father's honor. All of his hard work paid off when he came back to Rome with The Eagle. His journey was a success and this scene proved it by the reaction of everyone as they saw The Eagle that had only been just a story to most of them. This was my favorite scene.

  • prodigalsun

    I loved the campfire scene when Esca asks Marcus why the Eagle means so much to him, and Marcus explains how it is a symbol of Rome's accomplishments and that everywhere it goes, they can proudly say "Rome did that." Esca doesn't seem to buy it, so Marcus says, "You wouldn't understand. How could you?" Esca gives him a look and then describes how the Romans killed his parents and brothers to take their land and says, "Rome also did that." Channing does a really good job reacting to that line with his facial expression. It is difficult thing to pull off.

  • Vanessa Sanchez-Pood
    Vanessa Sanchez-Pood

    My favorite scene was when Marcus was sleeping and he woke up because he thought he heard something. Then he had all the men get dressed just in case. Then they get attacked because his instincts were right and he did hear something. Then that huge battle ensues. My favorite part of that whole fight was when Marcus goes in to save the men that are being help captive. He refuses to just leave the men to be slaughtered. That shows what a noble and honorable leader he is.

  • pjd6497

    I loved the whole movie... but if i had to choose a scene i guess it would be when esca is finally free

  • Lacey

    My favorite part of the movie is when Marcus gives Esca his freedom, and Esca refuses to abandon him. He leaves only for a little while and then returns with help. The bonds of true friendship highlighted in this scene were truly touching.

  • unitedbiskets

    My favorite scene was when Marcus was alone in the creek with the Eagle and he hears the Seal People's dogs barking and knows they have caught up with him, and he draws his sword. Even though he is alone and injured and has no chance of surviving, he will die defending the Eagle. Then you see figures coming through the fog and feel this huge sense of hopelessness and dread, but it turns out to be Esca and the Ninth Legion. Not only are you completely relieved, but Esca has this funny grin on his face that just says he is so proud of what he has done and is really enjoying this moment when he can prove to Marcus that he is a loyal friend.

  • angel2gether

    Well, it's not easy, but all the battle scene, and when they found gold eagle.

  • Ronners

    The part where channing gets out of bed wearing only the bikini undies!!!

  • shutterbug1977

    It's hard to pick just one favorite scene, the entire movie was amazing! But I would have to say that when Marcus first holds the eagle in his arms would be the most powerful of my favorite scenes. Channing knocked this one out of the park!

  • Abby

    Absolutely loved the final battle with the Eagle standing over the fighting Celts/Romans... that was intense.... and so cool :D Also loved the sequence where Marcus and Esca are on the little bank in the middle of the river, and Marcus tells Esca to go on, and gives him his freedom, and then Esca's like, "I will come back!" and takes off.... it's nuts.... Okay, and the moment when Marcus and Esca are leaving to go get the Eagle, and they storm out on their horses out of the gateway of Uncle Acquila's villa-- that one shot when the music is all swelling up and heroic and Marcus and Esca are riding out on this quest and the horses hooves are pounding into the road... gosh, my pulse couldn't have gotten faster.... Sorry, one more: loved, loved, LOVED the scene at the gladiator games and Marcus is all like, "Get your thumbs up! Get your thumbs up!" Awesome movie. One of my top favorites. <3

  • Ashley W.
    Ashley W.

    My favorite part was probably when Esca was trying to get Marcus to the Wall, and then takes off to get help. I loved when Marcus saw them coming through the mist; you're not sure if it's the tribe and he will die or if it was Esca! It was a great moment when you see it's the legionnaires and they have their old uniforms on. :) I loved the movie!

  • Sarah T.
    Sarah T.

    I loved all of it!! Especially the chase back to southern Britain!! It was so intense! Channing is amazing!

  • Ted

    Best part...The fight scene between Channing & Jamie off their horses...

  • Jessica Munroe
    Jessica Munroe

    I absolutly loved the WHOLE thing I could never choose one part! Every scene Channing's in!!!

  • Nika

    The movie isn't shown now in Germany but I like the trailer. Can't wait for it airing in Germany =)

  • nicsaenz

    My favorite part! When Esca says to Marcus that he is his slave now and the only way to survive is to do what he did for him all those years. Its like BAM the table have turned...and now he has to rely on him. It gives the feel for the whole movie! Trust, dependence, and eventually friendship.

  • Sandra

    A good film! I love the scene where Marcus was wounded from the Seal People and he said Esca have to finished the mission.But Esca don`t leave his friend.

  • Amy

    My favorite part is any scene with Channing Tatum in it:)

  • Phil

    My favorite part of the movie was when Marcus decided that he couldn't go on any further due to his leg injury and told Esca to continue on with the mission, but the only way that Esca would finish the task is if Marcus would grant him his freedom as a slave. Even after Marcus grants Esca, his freedom, he still refuses to go on without Marcus and this shows that the two of them have forged such a strong friendship during their difficult journey together. It was a moment where the two really trusted one another and shared a special bond.

  • Putri

    THE EAGLE WAS AWESOME! my favorite part was when the local tribes in south britain attacked the roman armies and the romans rescued those patrol soldiers and the tribes were using the carriage with blades on the wheels. Then Marcus saved the whole army when he threw a sphere to one of the guys that lead the tribes. that moment was the best scene of the movie!

  • Gabriellle

    i went togo see The eagle saturday night with my friends. Honestly, my favorite part of the movie was all of the special effects. it was hard to watch the movie because the whole time i was watching channing tatum. hes soooo handsome!!!<33

  • Katelyn

    Can I just choose every moment Channing was on the screen? Yes, I admit, I'm a biased long-term Channing fan- however; he really deserves the kudos for this movie. He is growing as an actor and this role really showed a deeper range than I've seen before. I applaud Jamie Bell as well. I was rooting for his character's freedom, despite what seemed to be a betrayal of my favorite actor's character! It takes impressive acting, to have me sympathize with the enemy. lol Regardless of who's side you choose to follow while you watch, Britain or Rome, this is a great movie to see- and a great date for your Valentine! <3

  • Sarah

    I really like the final battle when he was met by the soldiers who fought with his dad. It was a huge triumph / awwww moment. And then when he returned the eagle and channing made a smart remark to the politician and walked off with his new friend, no longer slave, esca. Priceless moment.

  • Lexi

    My favorite part of the movie is also the last scene of the movie when Marcus stands up for Esca, proving that they're friendship is important to him. Even after Esca "betrayed him" when they got to the nothern wilds and Esca's homeland, Marcus still thought of Esca as a friend and defended him, thinking of him as his friend and not his slave. I think that that's important, showing anyone can be friends no matter who they are, and that they will have your back and help you out in any circumstance. When the politician's son made fun of Esca and Marcus stood up for him, I thought that it was meaningful and that I'm lucky to have friends who would stand up for me too, no matter where we come from. I think Channing was amazing in the role and it showed true acting skills and showed him as a strong actor and person. I loved the movie.

  • Kristina

    I loved all the battle scenes, they were just amazing, my heart would not stop beating ! Great movie overall :D

  • Anna Clark
    Anna Clark

    My favorite part of the movie was the last scene when Marcus and Esca return the Eagle to the politician who earlier said it could not be saved. When the politician's son mocks Esca and refers to him as merely a slave, Marcus replies that he is not a slave; that he knows more about honor than the politician's son ever will. That moment has stayed with me. It is the sign of the true friendship that was forged between such different men in terrifying circumstances.

  • Julia

    I loved the whole thing!!! :) I cant choose a part (: