Kim Kardashian's Blackberry Focus (VIDEO)


When it comes to Kim Kardashian's BlackBerry, she doesn't mess around!

At a recent photo shoot, someone caught Kim's ninja focus on her device while getting all dolled up, and the reality star blogged:

"Look how focused I am on my Blackberry! I will not budge!!!! LOL. I’m always on my Blackberry while I’m getting my makeup done. It’s the perfect time respond to emails and chatting with friends and family."
Check out the video, after the jump!

Are you as obsessed with your phone as Kim? Let us know in the comments!



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  • lawyer

    she is FAKE!!!

  • BumbleBee

    you are so right! she is deff. not!

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    I am missing something here -- why is this newsworthy? Why is SHE newsworthy?