‘Never Say Never: The Director’s Cut’ Coming Soon to Theaters?

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'Never Say Never' Clip
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Could a new version of  Never Say Never be hitting movie theaters in less than two weeks?

Sources have indicated to the Hollywood Reporter that director Jon M. Chu is working on an extended cut that could arrive in to a theater near you on February 25. The update is said to include new scenes of Justin Bieber at the premiere, plus some of the showings he secretly attended just this past week.

There are a few obstacles to clear before that happens — like having to resubmit the new cut to the the rating’s board and the fact that Chu isn’t done with his version yet — that are significant hurdles. On top of that, Paramount is reportedly undecided on whether to hold it for the DVD release.

All we can do is cross our fingers! Would you see Never Say Never again (not the James Bond film) when/if the director’s cut comes out?