New Clips from Justin Bieber's Return to 'CSI' (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber CSI
'Never Say Never' Clip
Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never
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Justin Bieber will continue his story arc on CSI this Thursday, reprising his role of troubled teen Jason McCann from this season's premiere episode. This time, he must warn George Eads' character Nick Stokes of "imminent danger."

There's nothing cuddly about the Bieber seen here, which speaks to his acting ability. In the first video (below), Biebs angrily slams shut a surveillance laptop after cops render the camera it's linked to useless. In the other, he rides shotgun in a van, pulls a gun on the vehicle's driver and orders him to get out after they are stopped by a roadblock.

Check out two clips from Thursday's all-new episode below:

What do you think of Bieber's acting ability? Are you going to tune in to CSI Thursday? Tell us in the comments section.

Justin on 'CSI'
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  • Joe

    justin bieber playing... justin bieber with a bomb? not exactly an acting role.

  • ;)

    i liked it:) go justin

  • mickrussom

    Bieber is a horrible no talent hack flash in the pan piece of trash. I dislike him with every fiber of my being.

  • Lilly

    so bad, it's painful

  • Ashy4God

    meh, hes not that good at acting, but hopefully he will get better :)