Vanessa Hudgens’ Temporary Tat (PHOTOS)

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Vanessa Hudgens’ arrived at The Lamb Club restaurant in New York City with an intricate, temporary henna tattoo on her left hand.

This Valentine’s Day was her first in years not spent with Zac Efron, who she started dating in 2006, but the couple split in December 2010. Still, the star of the upcoming film Beastly did have a Valentine: fellow actress Brittany Snow! At the alice + olivia fall presentation red carpet on V-Day that the two walked together, Vanessa confirmed their “date” to reporters and went on to compliment Snow’s personality:

“She is amazing. She is very loyal and true to herself. She’s really grounded. She’s taught me so much about how to live life. She’s a genuinely happy person, and you need that around.”

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