Justin Bieber at the ‘Never Say Never’ UK Premiere (PHOTOS)

Bieber's Epic Rise
Justin's journey from music kid to megastar.
Well, aren’t we fancy? Justin Bieber, 16, showed up at the UK premiere of Never Say Never with a slightly more sophisticated look at London’s O2 Arena Wednesday night. The cute crooner was seen in an over-sized bow tie and a black velvet vest, but didn’t ditch his trademark high tops or distressed jeans.

Bieber recently revealed to Rolling Stone that he thinks “you should just wait for the person you’re … in love with” to have sex and touched on other hot button issues like health care and homosexuality. He also admitted he doesn’t understand his fans’ obsession with his every move but he accepts “They love me, and that’s it.” Check out video of the Biebs at the London premiere after the jump!