Justin Bieber Responds to 'Glee' Cover

Justin Bieber and Chord Overstreet on Glee

Chord Overstreet gave Justin Bieber a run for his money when he sang "Baby" on Tuesday night's Glee episode but the Biebs isn't sweating Chord's dreamy threat, in fact the 16-year-old singer says he is happy with Chord's version of his song.

"Back home they are doing some of my songs on Glee," Bieber wrote on his official Facebook page on Tuesday night (Bieber was in London picking up a BRIT Award for nternational Breakthrough Artist). "Chord we gotta work on that dancing. lol. But honestly truly honored that Glee is going to do my stuff. Thanks and enjoy the show."

Watch Chord's version of "Baby" after the jump.

Compare Chord's version with Justin's original "Baby" music video below.

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