Justin Bieber: You Should Only Have Sex If You're In Love

Justin Bieber Covers Rolling Stone

Justin Bieber may remain mum about his relationship with Selena Gomez but the young singer clearly has no problem talking about other naughty topics with magazine reporters.

Bieber, 16, opened up to Rolling Stone (and abandoned his trademark shag hairdo) for a cover story on the young star's rise to fame. In the interview, Bieber addresses his thoughts on sex, a hot topic considering that he is one of the biggest role models for young tweens everywhere.

"I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them," Justin told the magazine. "I think you should just wait for the person you're...in love with."

This new take on love is slightly different from the tune that Justin was singing back in July when his mom Pattie Mallette claimed that Justin was going abstain from sex until he gets married.

"[Justin] has expressed his desire to stay pure and honor women and treat women with respect," Pattie told E! News. "So hopefully that stays that way."

While there is no word on Justin's virginity status he is clearly enamored with Selena. The Rolling Stone reporter spotted a cuddly picture of Justin and Selena set as the "Baby" singer's computer background, which Justin promptly hid once he noticed the reporter spying on his personal picture. Hm, this is clearly going to stir up more rumors about Bieber and Selena's romance!

Sex wasn't the only topic of discussion on Justin's plate– the young star also opened up about his stance on politics, telling the magazine that he doesn't "believe in abortion" because "it's like killing a baby." However, Justin went on to say that he can't judge women who seek abortions in cases of rape.

Bieber also reveals that he wouldn't want to become an American citizen because of the high cost of medical bills.

"[In Canada] we go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills," he tells the magazine. "My [American] bodyguard's baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home."

"Canada is the best country in the world," says Bieber.

Read the whole interview at RollingStone.com.

What do you think of Bieber's stance on sex? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • john

    i wish ur balls get bigger every day

  • sabrina

    ikr th3y n33d to stop fukn hating on him!:) juz cuz h3 has WAY MOR3 p3opl3 who lik3 him!:)

  • Kay

    *whoever *wrote *better *back *because *is *famous *than Good grief.

  • yesi1991

    hey who ever woret that bether take it black beause he in more fames then you

  • Jiradz

    he should have big balls first x)

  • Inera

    I agree with him for once.

  • Fern

    Only problem he runs into is how do you know when you are in love. Yes, He may love Selena, but since many couples do break up overtime, that means that they fell out of love, which means it was never really love. It was just a infatuation at the time and it wore off as time went on or there were fewer things in common with the person. You would only know if you love someone is when you commit to matrimony for the right reasons or true love, not just monetary gain or otherwise. Until then, no one will truly understand love until matrimony.

  • Maria

    Justin is young and without experience in love related topics, i agree with his quote, but i wonder is he going to change his opinion some years later??? http://healthybeauty2.blogspot.com/p/fashion-and-glamour_24.html

  • Annoyed with you
    Annoyed with you

    ^ and remember, the magazine edited his answer. So his full say on abortion wasn't shown...so don't judge.

  • Annoyed with you
    Annoyed with you

    I honestly don't get why people are making this into such a huge issue. The freaking magazine asked him his point of view on abortion, and he gave it. Done. So what if he is pro-life? If you were to ask me, blame the magazine for asking the question if you're all so pissed off with his answer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... so don't bash someone just because they don't view the issue the way some of you do. Seriously people, it's just an interview; things get said. People come from different walks of life and a sensitive issue like abortion is bound to cause mixed reactions. So don't make it into such a big deal.

  • all me
    all me

    quit hating him for having an opinion....especially people who act so superior and think they know it all----STFU

  • bMarie

    key word *LIVING

  • FedUp

    It's been my experience that educated children are pro-choice & subjugated or male children are anti-choice. And since I see you're a guy - well, that's just par for the course. As is the fact that you're the type the minute YOUR little bimbo gets knocked up, you'll drive her to the clinic before you can say "Hypocrite." Your type always does.

  • vboij

    We'll see how pro-life you are if you get raped and have to live with a reminder of that horrible experience LIVING INSIDE OF YOU.

  • bk

    Shit, calm down people. He's just a 16 year old boy, no need to freak out. And there is no need to diss Canada just because you're mad at Bieber. And we do not say eh/ey. It's something Americans think Canadians say, but I have never heard anyone say it EVER.

  • gemikris

    You are telling people not to judge? Haha. I hate to burst your bubble, but no birth control is 100% effective. Also, even if I decided to wait till I was married to have sex, I would still have an abortion. I don't want kids. Yes you read that right, married couples have abortions too.

  • queenrosered

    That's right Justin....you shouldn't have sex until you're in love AND...until your gonads are developed. The blatant exploitation of this kid by established, wealthy black American rappers is astounding. I can remember in the 1990's when Vanilla Ice caught flack from mostly the black community for not having "street cred" even though it was his label (SBK) that made up a fictional bio for him.Even WITHOUT the fiction, Ice had way more street cred than Bieber! Justin?? You're a little white kid from Canada, ey? So...WORD.Get over yourself.The MAJORITY of the world doesn't give a rip about your views on sex or abortion...OK? Invest your money wisely for that proverbial rainy day.

  • Musicfan

    So here's what I (as scandinavian) think. USA need to stop with the stay "pure" and wait until marriage bullshit if they can't provide PROPER SEX ED at the same time! If young people learned more about sex, both the pleasurable parts and the consequences it can have, and have prevention easily available, instead of going "DONT HAVE SEX EVARR!!1", then there wouldn't be as many unwanted pregnancies, and therefore less abortions. Abortion is a very serious choice which is not to be taken lightly, but it still needs to be an available choice. As a swedish stand-up comedian once said, if it was men who got pregnant and not women, there would be drive-thru abortion clinics:P

  • GuEsT 1
    GuEsT 1

    the kid is 16..and he probably has no idea as to what is going on in korea lol but as far as abortion i am right there beside him if it is killing a baby and whether it was rape or mistake i dont think any woman has a right to choose who lives or dies. there's other options like adoption! and if you dont want a baby then dont have sex, but if you feel that that's the only way to express your love towards someone else then slip a condom on or take a pill, get the shot do something that can protect you from something you cant wait til you get married for an as a sixteen year old i think you go thru a lot some of us more then others so please if you don't know someone's life completely dont judge =] BiEbEr FeVeR!!!lol

  • Sulu

    Come on people. He's 16 .. Coming from a 22 year old females point of view, if I got pregnant I would get an abortion. Why? Because I feel that bringing a helpless baby into this world where I do not have the means to care for him or her is wrong. My baby should have everything he or she needs, not me as the mother struggling to provide. Some of you may say don't have sex then you don't need this situation. But in reality, I am in love with my boyfriend of 4 years, and it is a way to express love. So not all women want abortions just because its an accident and they don't want to be a mother, some of us out here just don't want to bring a baby into the world where we cannot provide everything and more for that child. If justin bieber got a girl pregnant, I can guarantee abortion would cross his mind. He has no idea the burden it would put on him right now.

  • gtetttttetwetertertertertergterter

    come on, he is a 16 year old boy... i am sure he wanking every night and think about sex every minute... cuz he is a boy lol boys do that

  • chelleasbieliber

    he is an open minded person!! love it!! <3

  • Morning Quickie
    Morning Quickie

    Everyone is blowing off what Justin is saying about abortion but what he thinks is actually really important. If you are interested in why we should care about Justin Bieber’s opinion, read this: http://morningquickie.com/2011/02/17/4-reasons-justin-bieber-is-qualified-to-talk-about-abortion/

  • Lu

    My own thoughts: I find Justin Bieber to be an obnoxious, spoilt brat. I have nothing nice to say about him, and this interview really made me realize how little he knows. But a fact is a fact: the new generation, my generation, is more pro-life than the generations that came before us. This is a good thing. He sounds stupid in his comments, but being supportive of women's rights and fetal rights is a great thing. Here, he seems to know little. So I'll ignore him. But hopefully, it will trigger an honest and productive discussion among young people.

  • gemikris

    You can have your views on aborion. I just won't be surprised how quickly you would change your mind if you got pregnant and you didn't want to be.

  • Neb

    @brooklyn923 Having a few sexual experiences and a couple of lectures on abortion doesn't make you well educated on either subject (whether or not he's had even that, who knows). The point is that no one would take a 16 year old's opinion on sex and abortion with any authority, because they honestly don't have enough experience in the subject, nor do they know enough to form a well-rounded argument either way. Justin Bieber shouldn't be an exception just because he's Justin Bieber. I'm 19, and pro choice, but I wouldn't say that I've got an extensive knowledge of the subject either, but neither am I someone with countless fans who take everything I say seriously. Bieber really shouldn't comment on issues as serious as this.

  • Sarah

    I don't really know him enough to judge his words and read into them, but he's said in many an interview that he's never been in love. I think (just how I read it) that he believes in waiting till marriage, but he didn't say that in those words at this inerview.... that you don't really know if you're really in love until you're married..

  • brooklyn923

    really just because Justin Beiber is 16 year old boy doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about abortion. I am only 15 and at my school there has been 3 pregnancy a countless number of abortions and a whole list of students who have STD's. Just because were teenagers doesn't mean we don't know about these thing seeing how a lot of these unwanted babies are from teen moms and i agree with Justin Beiber I'm pro-life. so people need to stop saying that a 16 year old doesn't know what they are talking about because this isn't the 1940's anymore majority of teenagers have sex and some deal with unwanted pregnancy so this isn't a foreign topic. PS the Americans are evil thing was a joke get a sense of humor

  • Chris

    Hey Justin if Canada is the best country in the world then why don't you stay there and stop bothering us Americans

  • Gina

    Okay. Justin fails to mention that abortion is an option. Yes, I get that people think it is wrong. But, if someone is in that situation they should choose whatever is their ideal choice. He hasn't been in that situation so I don't think he should be expressing his opinion.

  • gemikris

    I love it that he is speaking out against abortion, meanwhile he was never IN that situation. He's 16 year old virgin who has to learn that abortion isn't a black and white issue.

  • Becks

    I'm more upset that The Clash and the Biebs are on the same cover.

  • Lauren

    What you fail to mention is that he says (in the case of pregnancy and therefore potential abortion through rape) that 'everything happens for a reason'.That is NOT a message anyone should be spreading. Like rape victims need to be made to feel any more like they deserved it than they already are And that in talking of politics he said 'whatever they have in Korea... that's bad'. I get that he's a sixteen year old boy. But his ignorance is shocking, particularly when far too many young girls hang on to his every word.

  • whatever

    He should STFU a kid is always pro life, but as he gets older he knows it isnt so black and white. stuff happens and rape should never be used in the same sentence, ask Lara Logan abortion isnt wrong. its a choice. and taking away a women to choose is just enslaving her to your view of how to live HER LIFE

  • giuliana r.
    giuliana r.

    totallyy agree with the biebs...&& whoever doesn't no one cares about your opinion...&& stop hating.

  • fatherfrankpavone

    Good for Justin Bieber! It's been my experience that young people are naturally pro-life. They understand that abortion is killing a baby. Many of them also understand they are here only because their mothers chose life. One-third of the generation conceived since Roe vs. Wade has been killed by abortion. I hope Justin Bieber's pro-life advocacy prompts other celebrities to use their fame to spread the word that abortion is wrong.

  • Omar Uribe
    Omar Uribe

    really who cares about Selena and Justin, so what if there dating or not, let them be, its his life not his fans, i think hes old enough to think to himself what he wants to do, he knows what hes doing, he knows right from wrong, people need to stop making a big deal out of it. I really hope Celebuzz reads this!!!!!

  • Britt

    I agree with Justin. Sex should be for when you find the right person that you love and also want to spend the rest of your life with. I also agree with him on abortion. Abortion is killing a baby, a person who hasen't even had the chance to live yet.

  • Lara

    well there is something else he said too, which makes me hate him even more! " ”I really don’t believe in abortion … It’s like killing a baby.” Then the interviewer asks if Justin still feels that way in cases of rape. Unfortunately, he answers the question… “Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason,” he answers. “I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.” "

  • Melissabieber

    i agree with @justinbieber!

  • Trupti

    he makes sense...

  • Thegreatestmanalive

    Can you see Bieber growing into a big lurchy ugly man.