Kendra Wilkinson Clears Up Pregnancy Rumors


Just another day of family fun for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett!

The duo, along with their adorable 14-month-old son Hank IV, went to sunny Malibu for a recent photo shoot with Life & Style magazine and looked like the very picture of happy.

Kendra also took the opportunity to clear up some rumors of expanding their brood: The reality star blogged:

We did a cute family photo shoot in Malibu a couple weeks ago and it was so much fun! It was gorgeous out that day and the views from the house we were shooting at were unbelievable. And Hank and I aren't expecting just yet! The cover just meant we were having another baby at some point :)
Whenever they decide to have more kids, we're sure they'll be adorable! Head over to Kendra's blog to see all the cute photos.

Are you excited for Kendra and Hank to have more babies? Let us know in the comments!



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  • tammyd2012

    Yes, and I am Kenda's cousin. You are an idiot. Stop posting lies trying to make yourself noticable.

  • kelsey

    They are pregnant again. she's about 9weeks. My sisters friend is close with kendra so she told us. She was going to announce it after this appearance she is doing in las vegas this week.

  • BBEB17

    I hope when you decide to have another oone its a girl....You guys are great together and your baby is Gorgeouse....Good luck to both of you......XOXO