Nick Jonas Talks About Playing a ‘Jerk’ in ‘Mr. Sunshine’ (VIDEO)

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Nick Jonas isn’t a jerk, but he does enjoy playing one on TV.

The Jonas Brothers hunk dished about his surprisingly un-Nick role in ABC’s Mr. Sunshine during a recent appearance on MTV’s The Seven (via MTV’s Buzzworthy blog).

“I was approached by [star] Matthew Perry and his team about doing this role and it seemed like a lot of fun to do something different from myself,” Nick told Seven host Kevin Manno about his decision to do the show. “I play a jerk on the show which is not my personality.”

On the new show, Nick plays Eli, a tweener pop star with a bad attitude and diva demands. The character is quite the departure for Nick who’s previous TV work consisted of playing a character loosely based on himself on Disney Channel’s JONAS (RIP).

However, just because Eli is a jerk doesn’t mean that there are some nods to Disney-style pop acts on Mr. Sunshine– when Matthew’s character refers to Eli as a “pop star” the young star scoffs and declares that he is a rock star. “You do have your own Saturday morning cartoon show though, right,” Matthew’s character asks.

Watch Nick’s interview (and a clip from Mr. Sunshine) below.

As for Nick’s real life diva demands, the sweet pop star reveals that he doesn’t have many requests but that he does enjoy drinking pineapple juice backstage. Hey, we’ve all heard of weirder demands, Nick!

Nick’s Mr. Sunshine episode airs on Wednesday at 9:30/8:30 C on ABC.

MTV’s The Seven airs Monday through Friday at 5/4 C.

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