Christina Applegate Debuts Her ‘Miracle’ Baby in ‘People’

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Christina Applegate opens up to People magazine about her new baby, Sadie Grace, whom she credits with saving her life after a harrowing battle with breast cancer.

Christina, 39, tells the magazine that she was self-conscious of her chest after undergoing a double mastectomy. However, when the nurses first handed Christina her newborn, the Married with Children star says that she let all of hang-ups about her breasts go.

“It was such a liberating and beautiful moment,” Christina tells the magazine.  “I didn’t care.  It didn’t matter anymore.  Not only was she the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me – but she saved me too.  I got to abandon resentments that I’ve held on to in that vicinity for years because [my chest] is where she feels the most comfortable and where she’s the happiest.”

Christina gave birth to 7 lbs, 8 oz. Sadie on January 27. Sadie is the actress’ first child with fiance Martyn LeNoble. Christina announced that she had breast cancer in 2008.

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