Our Channing Tatum ‘Eagle’ Giveaway Winners!

Earlier this week, we asked the fabulous readers of Celebuzz to pick their favorite moment from the new Channing Tatum movie The Eagle, and in return, we’d pick three winning answers and reward them with some sweet prizes. Up for grabs was signed movie swag autographed by Channing himself and his co-star Jamie Bell. The answers came pouring in, and the response was amazing.

So, dying to know who won? Here they are:

Winner 1:

Unitedbiskits said: My favorite scene was when Marcus was alone in the creek with the Eagle and he hears the Seal People’s dogs barking and knows they have caught up with him, and he draws his sword. Even though he is alone and injured and has no chance of surviving, he will die defending the Eagle. Then you see figures coming through the fog and feel this huge sense of hopelessness and dread, but it turns out to be Esca and the Ninth Legion. Not only are you completely relieved, but Esca has this funny grin on his face that just says he is so proud of what he has done and is really enjoying this moment when he can prove to Marcus that he is a loyal friend.

Winner 2:

Anna Clark said: My favorite part of the movie was the last scene when Marcus and Esca return the Eagle to the politician who earlier said it could not be saved. When the politician’s son mocks Esca and refers to him as merely a slave, Marcus replies that he is not a slave; that he knows more about honor than the politician’s son ever will. That moment has stayed with me. It is the sign of the true friendship that was forged between such different men in terrifying circumstances.

Winner 3:

Lolo said: I love this movie so much! It really does go by too fast.One part that gave me chills was when the politician and his son were guests in Uncle Aquila’s home and talking about what an embarrassment Marcus’ father was. Marcus loses it and yells that he won’t let them “piss on their family name.” His anger scared me a little, even when I was feeling it too. To have those politicians who have never been to war decide that not only was Marcus’ father not a good enough soldier, but that his death was nothing but embarrassing to them, I was seething. I understood how Marcus would risk everything to prove them wrong. It was so satisfying when Marcus and Esca got to return the Eagle and show them they succeeded. You know Marcus was thinking, “in your face!”

Thanks everyone for playing along, and winners, we’ll be reaching out to you directly very shortly!