Paris Hilton Celebrates Her 30th Birthday at 'Letterman'

Paris Hilton graciously entered her 30s by visiting "The Late Show with David Letterman" in a turquoise dress on Thursday with her boyfriend Cy Waits.

At the start of her special day, Cy gifted a $375k sports car to Paris, a monster of a car called the Lexus LFA that tops out at 202 mph. Much like the star herself, the vehicle is incredibly unique, as only 500 will be made and all by hand.

Click here to see more of the socialite posing for cameras on her b-day, and tell us what you think of them in the comments section.

Photos: INFDaily



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  • Animefreak

    She looks like she is only 22 or something... You just wait! *Evil Laugh*

  • Selma

    She looks so healthy!

  • ebru

    Dear Miss.Paris Hilton, Just now,I saw your new Web Site(which, in the Internet.I like your new Web Site's design ,very much.In your new Web Site,I saw the Vogue-Turkey Magazine(February-2011).This week,I bought this Magazine.In this Magazine,you are very beautiful.You are perfect.Besides this,you seem very elegance in your photograph(on the Late Show,in New York City). The reflection of the elegance to your right hand is perfect. With my best wishes Ebru Dicle

  • The Critical Crassness
    The Critical Crassness

    Exactly how is this celebrity news? Had she not been around to celebrate her 30th birthday or celebrated it in a foreign prison while serving a very long sentence for drug possession would have been news...this is just one more in a long line of articles about talentless people being fausted off on the public as celebrities.

  • noah

    Wow, 30?! It seems like only yesterday she was 23 with a sex video.


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