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Minutes ago, Rolling Stone magazine conceded that the controversial answer that Justin Bieber gave when asked about abortion in the case of rape that left many Beliebers shocked was not his full response, an admission that echoed Bieber's own camp that had reportedly insisted since the interview's publication on Wednesday that he was misquoted.

Apparently, pressure finally forced the storied rock 'n roll magazine to run a correction on their site (the originally omitted sentence is in bold):

Due to an editing error, this online news item originally included an incomplete quote from our Justin Bieber cover story. The full quote, which appears in full in our March 3 issue, reads: 'Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don't know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that.'
How would you classify Rolling Stone's reporting? Irresponsible or not a big deal? Tell us in the comments section.


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  • hankmoodysprick

    Do you know what would happen in a case like that If HE DID file a petition for redress?? The Judge would pour it out like like the Dog's dirty water, then slap a judgment against The Bieb to reimburse the people for court costs, and attorney's fees, and could even sanction The Bieb forcing him to pay a fine for filing on the Court what is termed today as a "Frivolous Lawsuit." * There has been a great deal of tort reform in the 50 states in recent years with federal law following suit. We have become a "SUE FIRST" nation in many instances to our disadvantage I might add that was just begging for reform of Tort laws. * If you stop and think for a moment who has ultimately been harmed here, there was a retraction of the original BOTCHED statement to be replaced with the corrected version in broadview of the Universe. No harm no foul. If this were baseball I would liken it to a pitcher throwing a wild pitch where nobody was hit, then the Umpire collect the now scuffed up baseball, reaches into his pocket to retrieve a fresh baseball throws it to the pitcher then restarts the game.

  • hankmoodysprick

    This is NO big deal. The little 'shader' had nothing to say in the first place... If he were a man he'd have answered, * "Hell Yes I support abortion in the case of Rape or incest! And I support it in every other case that a woman either chooses to have one, OR is medically necessary, and as for Rape OR Incest he poor woman had NO CHOICE in the matter and is now POTENTIALLY STUCK with a PAINFUL reminder in about 9 months that will last until she is dead.. How could you possibly ask such a stupid question you vapid windbag?!?"

  • Jimmy

    I'm disappointed that Rolling Stone interviewed him at all.

  • Kreli

    Every Rolling stone interview I have read in the last couple of years consists of "gotcha journalism"-where they really try to trip up the interviewee subject in order to increase controversy/sales. Time to grow up, boys.

  • Mariella

    totally irresponsible. with the full quote, he comes off like a teenager who is repeating things he believes (everything happens for a reason) but hasn't had the experience to actually apply to life yet (I don't know how that would be a reason). it changes the whole quote, makes it sound much more like he doesn't know what he thought. I'm sure he didn't expect to be asked that question, so hadn't prepared. How many 16 year old boy pop stars spend their time examining the ethical dilemmas of abortion and rape/incest?

  • Kat

    His full quote isn't any better than his misquoted one. "Everything happens for a reason" and "I don't think that's a reason"(To get an abortion)! Please Justin, at least try not to sound like the insensitive jerk you are when asked questions like these! Also, shame on Rolling Stone, or anyone else who would even think to ask him such a question! For one it's WAY out of his league. He's still a kid and barely knows what to do with his own penis, let alone what it might feel for a woman to have one shoved inside her by force! How could anyone expect somebody so young to understand the weight of such a question? When he becomes a father for himself and has a long lasting relationship with a woman, to the point where he could understand her feelings of being violated, and the child's feelings of having to grow up knowing his father was his mother's rapist, then he might be able to give a valid opinion. But not until then. For shame Justin and Rolling Stone!

  • Evan

    He's not too young to think about the issue -- you're right. But he is too young to be asked the question by fully grown adults in a public forum, in a way that seems designed to humiliate him and generate controversy. Most teenagers wouldn't have very articulate answers -- some would, but most wouldn't. Either way, it's an issue that mature people close to a teen have to talk to them about... not Rolling Stone magazine.

  • Steven

    He should sue Rolling Stone for their bad reporting because people thought that was his full answer.

  • Evan

    It's obvious that Rolling Stone, aware that Bieber has religious parents and is only 16 years old, tried to manufacture controversy and attention by asking him a question they thought would provoke an ill-considered response. They were right; you can tell from his faltering reply that he hasn't ever really thought much about the issue. But when I was 16, my reply would have been similarly faltering and ill-considered; I think the real issue here is Rolling Stone's total abdication of journalistic integrity by asking the question in the first place, and then by misquoting him to make his answer seem worse. I'm more appalled by their immaturity than his -- they're supposed to be grown-ups, and the question is obviously irrelevant to Bieber's career as a pop star and inappropriate to his age and audience. Thank god I wasn't a famous entertainer at 16 -- I would have said all sorts of stupid things at that age, creating "backlash" and causing me untold amounts of needless emotional stress.

  • Taylor Colson
    Taylor Colson

    Pathetic how they " mistakenly " left out the most important part of his answer . Shows even a magazine as large as Rolling Stones will exploit this kid.

  • Lilly

    He's not too young! Everyone should be informed on things like this. Especially if he is dating a girl (which he is). This is something that he needs to know.

  • Dani

    I agree.. when I read that, I was like "why the hell are they asking him that anyway?"... really not relevant to anything going on with him

  • jen

    glad he had people there who were keeping track, he is too young for discussing those questions in a public forum.

  • Anon

    That's not a question one should ask a 16 yr old boy. Shame on Rolling Stones!

  • charleyy

    he's a teenage pop star, not a politician. they should not have put him on the spot like that, and have his answer questions hes probably never had to answer before. its just a way of creating controversey for the magazine

  • Lilly

    Either way, what he says doesn't sound right.