Was Sofia Vergara's New Diet Pepsi Ad Photoshopped?

Too Busty For Pepsi?
Sofia Vergara Diet Pepsi Ad

Curvaceous beauty Sofia Vergara has been named the face of Diet Pepsi's new Skinny Can but critics claim that the Modern Family beauty's new ads have been photoshopped to reduce her famous assets.

The new ad shows Sofia, 38, wearing a big blue hat and sipping soda out of a straw. At first glance, the ad looks innocuous but Sofia's famous curves do look a bit reduced.

Jezebel's Margaret Hartmann slams the soda company for "slimming down" Sofia with the help of some photoshop effects.

"We'll begrudgingly give the company points for not making a joke about her 'cans' in this ad," Margaret wrote on Jezebel. "Not that you can even tell it's her. Vergara's positioned so you can't see most of her face and body, and her arm is whittled by an oddly-placed shadow."

Steve Hall of AdRants chided the company for reducing Sofia's bust size which he claims sends a bad message to young women.

"Why did Pepsi feel necessary to basically eliminate any hint of Vergara's true body shape from the ad," Steve asks. "Oh wait. Because women with big boobs are stupid and God forbid Pepsi lead us to believe stupid people drink their products."

Pepsi's CMO Jill Beraud said in a statement that their new "attractive" skinny can is "the perfect complement to today's most stylish looks" a comment that the National Eating Disorders Association has called "thoughtless and irresponsible."

This isn't Sofia's first time appearing in a Pepsi ad – in fact, the Colombian beauty's first big break involved a Pepsi ad that highlighted her curvaceous body.

Watch the sexy Spanish-language commercial below.

Do you think Sofia was photoshopped in these new ads? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • lisa conner
    lisa conner

    Sofia Vergara and Diet Pepsi http://s14.postimage.org/xlxtstmun/animation_diet_pepsi_5f.gif

  • Ladyg

    I don't understand. Why didn't they just use a skinny girl? Why use a curvaceous woman then photoshop her to look like a 21 year-old model. There are lots of skinny ladies in their 20s they can use.

  • JLSR

    What about the lightening of her skin tone?

  • Joe Bua
    Joe Bua

    Why you are all crazy: I wouldn't have noticed any changes if you didn't bring them to my attention. Isn't there something else you could be doing?

  • auntbilly

    Photo...what OMG! she is bella, if they did something it was cause they want, this colombia´s girl doesn´t need re-touch ok! Asi vienen de colombia, watch colombia´s tv!