James Franco Finally Joins Twitter, Facebook

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Twitter just got a heavy dose of handsome: Oscar-nominated actor James Franco has finally joined the micro-blogging service and he has already amassed over two thousand followers!

James, 32, posted his first tweet on Friday afternoon, assuring fans that his verified Twitter account is the real deal.

“Hi everybody, here I am on Twitter!” James tweeted. “This is my FIRST tweet.” James then posted a link to video of him declaring the Twitter account authentic. (Social media companies like Twitter and Facebook often ask celebrities to make videos or take pictures to verify that their account is real.)

“All those other pages are impostors,” James says in the video. “I’ve decided to go onto the web and this is the real thing so welcome. Don’t listen to those other pages.”

James also created his first Facebook page which lists him as an “Actor/Director” and has already received over 100,000 “likes” in less than five hours.

To celebrate the good-looking actor’s triumphant debut on social media, let’s watch a video of him making out with himself.

One question: Between hosting the Oscars, acting in films, appearing in soap operas, writing books, making art and studying to receive his PhD at Yale, where does James find the time to tweet?

Will you follow/like James on Twitter and Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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