Justin Bieber: 'Up' Remix with Chris Brown (MUSIC)

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Justin Bieber can add Chris Brown to the list of artist's he's collaborated with, as a remix of his song "Up" has been released with the rapper and the Biebs joining forces.

"Up," a slow jam, was on Justin's release of My World 2.0 and this new version is featured on the Biebs' remix EP Never Say Never: The Remixes.

After the jump, check out the new (and old) version of "Up":

Which version of "Up" do you think reign's supreme? Hit the comments and let us know!



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  • chellebieber

    Up is a nice song!!! ..i dont think it wii fit with chris brown!

  • Team Breezy
    Team Breezy

    Ok what is wrong with u this hitting accident happened ova 2 years ago riri is ova it plus most of the world is over it. yes a am i chris brown fan and always will be. just stop leaving bad comments about him on twitter facebook youtube and these types of sites. From: Team Breezy

  • Anne

    gtof please and thank you ;)


    That's too bad for Justin Bieber!!! Chris Brown has anger management issues he hits women and now Justin is associated with him?. I do not support anything that is involved with Chris Brown. Let's be realistic he did not break a window he did not steal something and we need to forgive him, he hit someone really bad. I can't stand this loser. I can't believe that Justin's management has allowed this????

  • silian

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  • A!

    since when did chris brown become a rapper...?

  • Anne

    CHRIS BROWN <33333