Kim Kardashian Does a Mean Keg Stand (VIDEO)

Birthday parties can sometimes spiral into almost-out-of-control fun ... even if you're Kim Kardashian.

Kim K.'s 30th birthday party was a lavish, much-hyped bash back in October, when she and the rest of the Kardashian clan -- along with thousands of fans -- packed Tao Las Vegas for a massive soiree. But it was the afterparty back at the hotel where things went college-style, as Kim was hoisted up to do a time-tested keg stand.

Thankfully, the E! cameras were there to catch it all as you can see in the video !



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  • sophie1986

    It's almost like Phoenix Marie and Memphis Monroe were her college drinking buddies.

  • CM

    Happy Birthday Kim. From watching your birthday celebration you are missing something. I sometimes watch your show partly to see you and partly to see what trouble Scott your sister Kourtney's husband is getting into. You have it all but, true love. The handsome man you played pool with I don't think deep inside he is what you are looking for. You are a person but, are rarely treated that way probaly. Everyone staring at you, managers pulling you in different directions and time restraints having to be places to make everyone happy. You are a marketable item that has got to suck at times.Always wondering who to trust and who just wants your money. This will probably never get read but, what the hell I had sometime so what better way than to wish someone Happy Birthday. I wish you and your family the very best from no one you know. Peace, CM

  • auntbilly

    It is that real????? it is not dangerous to drink in that way against the gravity...

  • silian

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