Source: Miley Cyrus 'Furious' Over Billy Ray's 'GQ' Interview

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Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus Talks Miley
Billy Ray Cyrus in GQ Magazine
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Miley Cyrus is allegedly angry with dad Billy Ray Cyrus after he told GQ that he is "scared" for his daughter's well-being.

According to PopEater's Rob Shuter, the 18-year-old star is telling friends that she feels betrayed by Billy Ray's public comments about their relationship.

"To say Miley is angry is an understatement," a source tells Rob. "She's furious that her own flesh and blood would make a private matter so public. Who does he think he is, Michael Lohan?"

Miley isn't the only one who is upset over Billy Ray's interview: An unnamed source at Disney told The Hollywood Reporter that Billy Ray's claim that he "never made a dime" off his daughter was "ludicrous." The source went on to say that Miley's future with Disney is "TBD."

Billy Ray slammed Disney in his GQ interview, telling the reporter that Hannah Montana "ruined [his] family" and that Miley is getting mixed up in a bad crowd.

Although Billy Ray claims that he never made any money off of his daughter, the two worked closely on Hannah Montana (Billy Ray played Miley's on-screen father both on the TV show and in the Hannah Montana movies) and performed together several times.

Watch Billy Ray and Miley sing "Ready, Set, Don't Go" together below.

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  • Sarah

    Fully agree with you on this one! in my country the drinking age is 18 and you should see some of the shit the girls here wear! She's doing nothing wrong but being a teenager - must I remind people the "drug" she was smoking in that bong was legal! Get off her back - your all just pushing her to the wrong side, let her live her life and experience things. When you see her snorting cocaine or stripping to nakedness then I would say intervene and do something but for now she's just being a teen! - Most of you are probably just jealous!

  • Nicky

    Don't listen to that GQ bull about my Dad because truth is we're not fighting and I spoke to him last night. I change my number like the weather changes. Idg why this chick is trying to make it look like he's ignoring my existence. Nice try though. On Mileys facebook page (if it the real one)

  • Anne

    dont believe anything you read . they are fine ! there is nothing between them ! she spent valintine's day wit him im not telling you she was %100 happy i mean nobody would be but they are good with eachother a family

  • Becca

    Billly Ray is just calling it the way he sees it!!! Just look at her behavior--pole dancing--bong smoking--and look at her role model--her mother--who had a fling with Brett Michaels--I can certainly understand why He's concerned. Next thing you know we'll be hearing that she's next one we'll be hearing about REHAB!!!

  • james

    I think it's never good to share family drama with the public. Billy used bad judgement in his comments with GQ. He has the responsability to be a father and parent to his daughter. Don't put blame on anyone else. You were there and had control over what transpired during the Disney years. If you gave that control to anyone else, then your not much of a father. Buck up Billy and take responsability.

  • Ned

    I think Billy Ray was banging her, and is all depressed that she's moved on to other guys.

  • Ned

    I seriously think Billy Ray was banging her, and is all depressed that she's moved on to other guys.

  • YasminaDashing

    Miley is 18 now! seriously she is not going to be little hannah montana anymore, shes not totally crazy shes being a teenager! so she wears mini shorts, shes a slut ? I don't think so, let her live her life whilst shes young and now the legal age to do so.

  • Kay Evens
    Kay Evens

    Her dad is sounding like a true father GO BILLY RAY!!!!!! Miley is cute, young and inexperienced. She has been playing a good role ad it looks like fun. DAD has been there to help and monitor. She is too young to know anything about the real world OT THE REAL WORLD OF HOLLYWOOD. Don't try and grow up too fast Miley!!!!!!!!! Let dad keep you safe. He has been there and life in showbiz can be tough!

  • Scott

    I agree,and it's shameful that her mom who worships Money teaches her that kinda stuff let alone Let her have a party like that.."Me thinks someone is trying too be a friend and not a Parent" .....more will come and it won't be good.Here's a questions:If the money was gone would this stuff happen at all? I read Billy's GQ and know they come from the bible belt state so I agree with the Dad

  • Lola

    dont blame him. she barley wears any clothes, she has a birthday party at a bar (with her mom), acting nasty with her mom around, smoking a bong, blah blah balh scandals, tries/thinks to be rocker & MUCH more to come..

  • smileymiley