Surprisingly Studious Celebs (PHOTOS)

Being a celebrity isn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean some stars don’t have the brains to pull it off. In fact, a number of celebs are probably much smarter than you might think.

You may be surprised to discover that a ‘Jersey Shore’ star holds two Bachelor’s degrees (hint: it’s not Snooki), that a supermodel turned down a full scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University to pursue fashion, or that two leading role contenders at this year’s Academy Awards graduated from prestigious Ivy League programs.

Celebuzz has compiled a list of stars that are surprisingly astute. Checkout our gallery of celebrities whose star power is eclipsed only by their brain power.



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  • ME

    I never would have guessed!! A lot of these celebrities just do and say dumb sh*t and also lack class.

  • ME

    Wow! I had no idea he was that smart.

  • ME

    Hopefully she sticks to it! :D

  • maryamcullen

    Good luck Emma !!

  • Frenchgal

    Weird, she never speaks french when she's promoting films on french tv...

  • danielleakame

    im not sure how i would feel if i went to the dr and he came into the room. lol after i saw his pee-nus in both the hangover movies...that would make for an awk situation. ha

  • danielleakame

    wow nice!

  • Myke Hunt
    Myke Hunt

    "Surpringsly" Studious Celebs on "The Ofice" Nice spell job, shit heads

  • alma mater
    alma mater

    Texas A&M University at KINGSVILLE! .. that's right

  • VA666

    Why the HAIL is Tyra Banks on this list???

  • dafish11

    thats kinda mean

  • M

    Wow, I didn't know that - that's really impressive. Who said models are dumb?

  • M

    Beautiful, talented, and about a triple threat.

  • Lar

    Since when is that a surprise?

  • Bink

    I'm glad you included schools other than the Ivies. An Ivy League school is only one option for those with brain power.

  • argleblargle

    He did stand up on the side for a long time, and now he does medical practice on the side. His license is current in California.

  • sophie1986

    Why did he Chang-ed his profession?

  • Parisy

    Hot :)

  • agony

    Love him, he is smart and sexy as hell :)


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