Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Off Awesome Bikini Body (PHOTOS)

Mama Mia!
Gwyneth Paltrow in a Bikini in Barbados

Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow showed off her trim figure when she was spotted soaking up the sun in the Caribbean this weekend.

The 38-year-old mom splashed around in the waves before picking up some beach reading and soaking up the sun. The Iron Man star looked chic and glamorous in a blue and white striped bikini with gold accents and over-sized black sunglasses. Later, Gwyneth changed into a tiny blue string bikini and aviator sunglasses. Motherhood never looked so good!

Check out even more hot Gwyneth bikini pics over at The Superficial.

What do you think of Gwyneth's bikini bod? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Fel

    No, she looks anorexic.

  • dan

    nice body hot as love that bellybutton too better than all the others out there yum

  • Sprmcandy


  • Ted

    Smoking hot! lean and toned - a definate MILF!

  • C-dog

    She may have a nice body... but her face is as ugly as a dog. always has.

  • prussianblue

    She has ever a slim and a pretty body

  • Sprmcandy

    My goodness, she is H*O*T !!

  • hildog

    what sunglasses are those?

  • Jennifer Maffei
    Jennifer Maffei

    GP looks awesome

  • pollyhanaha


  • I Know a fly
    I Know a fly

    Please think before writing... why, cause your so damn intelligent. NOT!! So a Chris I see you rode the short the bus to school eh? Well good for you but no one like critic, so hide in your little corner, grab a mirror, cause only you are going to like what you see, while the rest of us just see a big ass

  • DvlMan

    Eeeww gross lookin anorexic there. thats not even close to pretty, unless your into the starving, if so a national geographic may work for you. Where's all the flys that should be buzzin around her? Maybe flys dont like white meat. I dunno, I don't know any flies

  • Simjoy

    You'd cut yourself on those angles. Blech.

  • chris

    Hey - what the hell is going on ...................... Who are you to judge people like this, just because they don't have breast implants???????????? she has a normal skinny body!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "looking on the verge of anorexia" - this is a silly statement - please think before writing (even if you are a doc)

  • Anne

    this is what taylor swift will look like in the future =)

  • jasn

    She looks like a beautiful FROG

  • sophie1986

    Kill it with fire! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • Carly

    Every other morning her face/body is plastered on the front page of THP. Does the entertainment editor not get it, that sooooo many readers are just not that into this boring has been? Or,this a story line ploy to see how many negative comments it will draw-and it WILL! Other than her flat chested flabby body, they need to fact check her bio, she is older than thirty seven.

  • baszo

    nyalnám tokától bokáig, basznám, sunáznám. i would suna her.

  • dmc59

    Do you think she needs FAKE breasts?

  • dmc59

    What is the problem everyone has with her being thin? Is she holding a sign that says "Everyone must look like me?" Why should anyone be offended? It is HER body. What, she should be able to pinch an inch (or five) like the majority of fat @ss Americans?

  • Ugh

    In serious need of some "upper body enhancement." She looks like she borrowed Beiber's body.

  • Christi

    Totally agree!! I want to be thinner but not skinny like this!!

  • Tony

    She looks like she could use a good meal-that is not in any way sexy. In this country either people are grossly obese or like this one, looking on the verge of anorexia. Nothing appealling at all about a boney body. Put about 5-10 pounds on her and she would be hot.

  • Adam Strange
    Adam Strange

    I don't normally like her, but she's actually looking good here. Nice bod. Those look like good legs. Yup.

  • Bernice Newell-Pelava
    Bernice Newell-Pelava

    she is a sexy as a chair

  • Ketielynn

    Come on please,. ...skinny doesn't equal sexy. Do you really think she is sexy?? I just don't see it.

  • gtf393

    I think Gwyneth looks great and I have a lot of admiration for her. Who wants to bet that all the people hating on her dont look good full stop...... never mind in a bikini!

  • Olitta

    Where is her husband? Why are they leading separate lives? She lives in NYC with her two kids and he is nowhere to be found. Have they divorced? He wasn't even there over the holidays.

  • noah

    Too skinny. I like my women like I like my food: delicious and fortified with bacon.