Matthew Morrison & Olivia Munn Kiss at Hockey Game (PHOTOS)

New Couple Alert?
Olivia Munn & Matthew Morrison Kiss at Hockey Game
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Are these two coupling up? Glee crooner Matthew Morrison and actress Olivia Munn were spotted getting cozy at a NY Rangers game on Sunday night, holding hands and even sharing a kiss.

Matthew, who has mostly kept quiet when it comes to his relationship status, cheered on the game and got especially flirty with Olivia (who previously dated Chris Pine). Olivia has been in NYC shooting the film I Don't Know How She Does It with Sarah Jessica Parker.

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery and let us know in the comments -- do you think they're official? Or just having some fun?



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  • anna

    lol this is fake/pr. ckearly. Olivia loves attention and is trying to do everything to up it. She's a big faker.

  • sophie1986

    Holy bearding, Batman!

  • AmandaMarie

    k, so this guy's been legitimately "linked to" half of hollywood. i don't think they're a couple. on a date, maybe, but not a couple. if they couple'd up, i'd be down with it. but.... not really, because i think he's dreamy. like, sexy dreamy.

  • Ok

    I meant he's way good for her : P

  • Ok

    he is way too good for him, for some reason I do not find her appealing.

  • noah

    Reason #241 why I don't like Glee: the cast members are stealing my future girlfriend.