Jennifer Aniston Debuts Shorter 'Do


Two hair icons have taken to the shears this week: First Justin Bieber and now, Jennifer Aniston.

Jen, who has been the hair envy of practically every woman in America for years, debuted a shorter 'do at a photo shoot for Just Go With It in Madrid, Spain. It's a very different look than the hair she rocked only one night before at the film's German premiere.

The 42-year-old's new haircut is reminiscent of when she chopped off her famous "Rachel" hair back in the day, no? What say you about Jen's new look? Cute? Or should she have not messed with a good thing? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Anna Sharone
    Anna Sharone

    jen is one of my favorite artists, but this time she's not looks charming as usual ;P

  • Jennifer

    Compared to her much younger co-star Jen was conspicuously self conscious, she's 42 and shouldn't have to look 32 but that's hollywood. Sadly, I think she's messed with too much cosmetic surgery, her face looks nothhing like it did in her 20s or 30s. The shorter hair is more age appropriate, doesn't drag her face down as much, a bit more Renee Zelwegger perky.

  • Carol

    she's damn pretty ... new look or old look ... she just rocks!!!

  • poebeliewoepsie

    iiiiiiiiii love it

  • wedf

    noo wayy I she was way better with long hair. Back in friends(before she cut it) and now. In fact, I liked her extensions in friends.

  • Denise Rae
    Denise Rae

    Not a fan of JA but the shorter do works, more chic. Whereas her longer do made her look tired.

  • wjj

    She is a doll no matter how she wears her hair!

  • Lorena

    She is always cute. no matter what hairstyle she wears. always beautiful =)

  • C

    cute as heck just like her

  • Jessica Anderton
    Jessica Anderton

    I love her hair short! I have been waiting for the day she cut it short like she did once back in Friends!

  • Flavia

    Love It!!