TV’s Hottest Guys Get Smooth for GQ’s American Style (PHOTOS)

Ashton: Runway Walk
Kutcher models at Brazil fashion week!
Generally, GQ tends to make a lot of headlines thanks to its reporting or covers and photo shoots featuring scantily clad female celebrities. But what about the fellas?

Well, the March issue of GQ is putting all of the guy-craving readers at ease, having gathered some of the leading men from the hottest shows on TV and dressing them up in stylish duds. And if you’re thinking they’ve got them donning Armani or Gucci, think again. Stars like Donald Glover from Community and others are rocking some serious up-and-coming gear that was designed for the mag’s Best New Menswear Designers competition.

Check out a few pics in the gallery, and see them all at!

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