Amanda Seyfried's Naked Declaration: We're Not Trying to be 'Twilight'

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It looks like Cameron Diaz isn't the only one using her lucky charms to get at Justin Timberlake. Amanda Seyfried sexes up her Interview pictorial by chatting with JT in the nude.
I think I should mention that I’m not wearing any clothes ... I’m most comfortable in my birthday suit.
The long-distance confession was made over the phone,  during a revealing conversation that took aim at Twilight comparisons to her movie Red Riding Hood.
I think it’s hard not to compare Red Riding Hood because Catherine [Hardwicke] directed the first Twilight. But Red Riding Hood is a very different film. I mean, yeah, there’s a love triangle, and people can easily compare ... but we have so many elements that make it completely different. Nobody knows who the wolf is in our movie. And we’ve modernized the story and added so many levels to it and created our own story around the iconic center, which is the girl in the woods who talks to the wolf, and has a great relationship with her grandmother, and all those symbols. But we obviously had to take the story to a whole other level in order to make it a full-length film, so that’s what we did.
The two apparently bonded while filming their own movie together called Now, out this October. Red Riding Hood is in theaters March 11.
Amanda Seyfried & Ryan Phillippe
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