Justin Bieber Gets Rejected by Rihanna (Again!)

Justin Bieber & Rihanna at the NBA All-Star Game

Poor Justin Bieber: He may be a box office success thanks to his new film, Never Say Never, but the young pop star still can't land his crush Rihanna.

The 16-year-old pop star joked about getting shot down by Rihanna, 23, at the NBA All-Star game last weekend.

"I asked her out," Justin says. "It didn't go so well, since I'm not with her. I asked her out and she was basically like, 'You're too young'."

Well, she does have a point! Rihanna is roughly six years older than the "Baby" hit-maker and any their hypothetical romance would raise eyebrows, to say the least. Besides, Rihanna has no trouble landing men: The "Rude Boy" songbird has recently been linked to Drake, Colin Farrel and Ryan Phillippe.

Us Weekly reports that Rihanna and Ryan, 36, have been secretly hooking up "for months" despitre recent reports that RiRi shot the actor down during a Grammy Awards party. Ryan was later spotted at Rihanna's 23rd birthday bash at a private house near Los Angeles.

(Celebuzz reached out to Rihanna and Ryan's reps for comment but did not receive a response by press time.)

This most recent rejection probably won't be enough to cool Bieber off of Rihanna – the young star has repeatedly asked out RiRi in the past and she has continued to turn him down.

Watch Bieber talk about his previous Rihanna rejection (and get a smooch from the beautiful singer) below.

Justin has recently been linked to Selena Gomez but apparently their blossoming relationship wasn't enough to keep him from asking out RiRi. Do you think Selena should be jealous? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Rach

    He has bad taste if he really wants to go out with her...how many guys has she been with? He'd do a lot better with someone more pure...Selena maybe?

  • chend92

    gimme love..haha..

  • jenny

    u do relize this video was from like 2010 or 2009. he wasn't dating her then. i can tell cause he had that broken leg from like 2010 or 2009

  • chellebieber

    ouch!!! maybe he can ask some other hot celeb!! :((

  • asweetie4al

    Relax Kokym8, he just asked her out. He didn't ask to be the father of her kids. Lighten up!

  • jules2104

    She is way 2 old 4 justin anyway who cares

  • Kokym8

    WHAT THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS !? 30 YRS OLD ?! what a psycho

  • Gary Burnaska
    Gary Burnaska

    Wait a minute isn't this the same Justin Beiber who is dating Selena Gomez, Since this happened last week I take that the recent fill her house with flowers was, his apology for him acting like the sleeze player. This is not going to end well, only thing worse is the rumored Demi Lovato /Fez relationship. Or what I call a relationshit.

  • nono

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  • edwardbella2

    poor justin,but i think he should go for someone of his age group.dont mind jb but shes really older for you,however best of luck for next time!

  • lele

    lol poor justin, no means no haha