Judge Warns Lindsay Lohan: ‘You Will Go to Jail’ With Plea Deal

Lindsay's Troubles
A timeline through Lindsday Lohan's woes.
Lindsay Lohan arrived for her court date on Wednesday to potentially find out if she’ll be heading to jail for recent charges of felony grand theft, and after Judge Keith Schwartz sternly layed out the groundwork for Lohan and her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, it was agreed by all that a preliminary hearing will be held on March 10 to determine Lindsay’s fate.

Schwartz made it very clear to Lohan during the hearing: “If the case settles here, I don’t want you under any apprehension: You will be going to jail. Period,” he told Lohan, saying that any plea deal Lohan cuts will land her behind bars. Lindsay can, however, opt to go to trial in the hopes she’ll be found not guilty.

After making a splash by wearing a form-fitting white dress at her last court date, causing many to question whether it was court-appropriate or not, Lohan arrived a bit more demure this time around — sporting a low-cut black top that showed a considerable amount of cleavage. Lindsay topped off the revealing look with a Tres Glam necklace by Lisa and Brittny Gastineau, a jewelry line started by reality star Brittny Gastineau and her mother.

Earlier this month, Lindsay plead “not guilty” to the felony grand theft charges but was strongly chided by Judge Keith Schwartz who told the starlet “don’t push your luck.” Many reports indicate that Lohan’s legal team is hard at work to prevent the troubled starlet from going to jail.

Lindsay’s bail was set at $20,000 and the celeb was taken into custody.

The drama all started on January 22 when Lindsay allegedly walked out of Kamofie & Company, a Venice jewelry store, with a $2,500 necklace. Lindsay was caught on surveillance tape trying on the necklace and leaving the store with her group of friends.

Lindsay claims that she is not guilty of the felony grand theft charges. The 24-year-old actress alleges that she was loaned the necklace by the storeowner for publicity purposes. The Mean Girls actress has since returned the necklace to the store but the charges still stand.

This is far from Lindsay’s first brush with the law: On January 3 she was released from the Betty Ford Clinic after spending over 90 days in court-ordered inpatient rehab following a probation violation. She is currently serving out probation stemming from a 2007 DUI arrest and previously served 84 minutes in jail for felony cocaine possession (in 2007) and 14 days in jail for violating her parole (in August of 2010). She also failed a drug test in September, but was ordered to attend the Betty Ford Clinic in lieu of jail time.

Lindsay has been previously accused of stealing a $12,000 mink coat from a night club in New York in 2008 and pocketing a $35,00 Rolex watch from a friend last year. The actress was never formally charged for these alleged thefts but the reports allegedly played a role in the DA’s decision to charge Lindsay with felony grand theft this time around.

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