Oscar Nominees: Before They Were Famous

For Amy Adams, James Franco, Jesse Eisenberg and other Oscar nominees, it’s been a long journey from their high school hallways to the red carpet. They may be bonafide Hollywood stars now, but once upon a time they were passing notes in homeroom, skipping out on third period trigonometry and getting dressed up for their senior class portraits.

And in Jeremy Renner's case, they were rocking amazing flat-top-meets-mullet hairstyles.

Celebuzz has rounded up yearbook photos of some of this year’s leading Oscar contenders (and hosts). Check out these nominees before they were famous, and come back to Celebuzz for the Academy Awards on Sunday night (February 27) for every last bit of fashion and awards news!



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  • Ki

    Much prettier wit long hair i tink...

  • Ki

    Much prettier wit long hair i tink...

  • AnnieAreyaok

    Wow do celebuzz not like jennifer lawrence or wat??

  • Kim

    Just because she was in films didn't make her famous. For the record Jesse Eisenberg was in a film before that Senior photo of fim too...but you didn't know that...because he wasn't famous. Just like a lot of people didn't know Natalie Portman when she was in The Professional. Stop nit-picking.

  • Selena Wilde Diamantopoulos
  • jordyn


  • E

    This brings back those Princess Diaries days...God, I miss those days!

  • jenny

    she looks just like she did in the princess diaries

  • Aileen

    Oh Dear Lord. Hilarious!

  • barbara02

    Gorgeous!! But I think she's better as a ginger.

  • barbara02

    What kind of hair is this????? I laughed so hard!!!

  • EG

    "Best Actress hopeful Jennifer Lawrence graduated high school two years early to begin acting. The risk certainly payed off." Wow, the irony here is thick. PAID OFF.

  • Marianne

    @notsosmart I was just about to say the same thing.

  • Trixie

    Hahah Man, these pictures of Mark Ruffalo are killing my love for him.

  • guest

    Annette Bening is not nominated for Best Supporting Actress, so she can not be the "favorite."

  • Joakim

    Its Jeremy Renner from The hurt Locker (last year) and The Town (this year)

  • Meg

    Who is this? It doesn't say in the description?

  • not so smart
    not so smart

    Natalie Portman was in The Professional and younger than this picture, meaning she was famous before this picture.

  • Amanda Hasaka
    Amanda Hasaka

    O. M. G.