'Twilight' Stars Arrive in Vancouver to Film 'Breaking Dawn' (PHOTOS)

'Breaking Dawn' Primer
Breaking Dawn primer
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The wolves have landed! Twilight actors BooBoo Stewart and Julia Jones arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday to prepare to film Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2.

BooBoo, 17, rocked his best airport chic in a black fleece pullover while Julia, 30, looked a bit more put-together in a tailored trench coat and motorcycle boots.

BooBoo and Julia's co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrived in Vancouver a few days before of their wolf buddies.

Are you excited to see Breaking Dawn? Check out more pics of BooBoo and Julia at the airport and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • sydsouth

    * I don't want to watch the love scene, ewwww. Unless it was Taylor. Ha! Boo Boo will be very handsome as an adult also. Hope you had fun guys. Still will watch for Taylor. HELLO, SUPPORT HIM if not the gross reoccurring physical love between Bella and Edward! * =}

  • beth15

    booboo is the hottest teen alive

  • Bhabie Niel
    Bhabie Niel

    oh my god i realize now that booboo is soo cute!!

  • ashy4god

    yep i agree

  • adrienne

    It baffles me that these young people are considered stars after they only spoke six or seven words and were onscreen for about a minute.All the hype leading up to and around these people is more of a movie in itself than the actual film. Look at Noot Snear; she walked the innocent crowd into the Volteri's and was onscreen for three seconds and they ran tons of ads for her.It's very misleading for us. I can't wait to see the "steamy" [laugh] love scenes with Rob and Kris; I already sense M.Rosenberg diced the hell out of them and threw in a lot of extra junk and dialogue that wasn't even in the book.Which by the way is crappy dialogue, corny.I don't think she was the best choice for this saga. Who changed Edwards hair and clothing for this upcoming film? He was way too white in Eclpse, red red lips.Yellow eyes.Poof. Everyone is waiting to see the best and the last of this saga and I BELIEVE IT'S GOING TO BE A MAJOR letdown just as the rest were.Just stay with the books. hard, wasn't it.Dragging it out for money's sake wasn't very suttle either. How would you like to read a book, read half, and put it down for a year to see how it ends? We love our fans.

  • edwardbella2

    so much romance seems disgusting

  • lully

    why? i mean i thought first one gonna be so romantic

  • edwardbella2

    ya i am waiting for part 2 only.that part is only going to be nice not the first one,first one is gonna be disgusting.