Abigail Breslin Is All Grown Up – Wow!

Is That You, Olive?
Abigail Breslin All Grown Up
What a difference five years makes! Abigail Breslin, was spotted at a photo call for her new film Rango in Italy on Thursday looking grown up and sophisticated. The Little Miss Sunshine star was sporting long auburn locks and some serious eyeliner.

Breslin, who turns 15 in April, lends her voice as Priscilla in the new animated feature, in which she co-stars with Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher. The busy, seasoned actress who made her film debut as adorable Bo Hess in 2002's Signs has racked up quite a stellar resume and will also appear in the Zac Efron movie New Year's Eve, which is currently filming in New York.

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  • luanne

    A pretty pleated Ladies Skirt , like this one together with a huge belt and blue top gives Abigail a sophisticated vibe!

  • likewoah

    love the hair and makeup -- they grow up so fast..

  • Vix

    She looks like she's got a good head on her shoulders. http://www.willdatetoeat.blogspot.com

  • Kim

    I still remember her as the adorable little girl from the movie Signs. "There's a monster outside my window. Can I have a glass of water?" Lol. She looks like she's aging nicely and like she's not in such a hurry to be an adult like so many other young actresses.