Lea Michele Is Happy to Be Home After ‘Glee’ Day (PHOTOS)

'Glee' High School Photos
Photos of the cast of 'Glee' before they were stars!
The episode might not air for another couple months, but the Glee kids are hard at work filming the “Regionals” episode of the hit Fox show.

Lea Michele was spotted heading home after what was most likely a long day of dancing and singing with the New Directions crew, but still managed to crack a smile. Also, despite the countless hours these actors spend together, they still enjoying hanging out, as Lea recently tweeted:

What a fun day of dancing yesterday and a great night of cooking with my friends @nayarivera @alittlelamb @iharryshum and @totle9 :)

Are you excited for Glee to take on Regionals? Think they have a shot at winning? Sound off in the comments!

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