‘Modern Family’ Star Reid Ewing Talks Music, Gaga & Phil Dunphy

You may know him as Dylan, Haley’s slow-witted boyfriend on ABC’s hit show Modern Family, but to the rest of the world he’s Reid Ewing. Actor, writer, aspiring pop star …  artiste extraordinaire!

Celebuzz had the pleasure and honor of chatting with the punky pop heart-throb and got to take a peek inside his mind and see what really makes him tick. Fun Fact: Not only did Reid write his soon-to-be cult classic single Traffic Jam, but he also came up with the RHONJ-inspired concept for the video. We also got him to open up a bit about Lady Gaga, who his favorite Family co-star is, and why on earth he was spotted wearing a pink tutu at a club recently.

Watch the video and read the entire interview below.

So Reid, what’s ‘Traffic Jam’ about?

What I wanted to do was a short film.  It’s a kind of  avant-garde humor, music video. I wanted to do something that had a ton of audio and video stimulation with a series of these kind of like, really offbeat but fun videos with really catchy music. ‘Traffic Jam’ is the first video that I did, and the first time I completely produced the project on my own. I had somebody direct it and shoot it, but I basically just came up with the concepts.

Well that’s pretty awesome.

Well thanks, I mean have you seen it yet?

Oh yeah … numerous times.

Oh cool cool. So you can see it’s pretty much a John Waters inspired.

Do you actually watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey, because in the video there’s a scene with the infamous Theresa table throwing incident.

[Laughs] Yeah I don’t think the reference reads that well, but that’s what it was from. I wanted to have this is sort of subconscious reference that people just sort of like. I’ve had people ask me, ‘What does it mean? Why did you shoot the table thing or the girl in the cake?’ It’s just one of these different random things that appeal to me on a visceral level, it’s like it doesn’t really mean anything but I feel like it’ll appeal to other people as well. It’s kind of like music that’s appealing, you don’t know why it’s appealing, it just sounds like something you want to hear.

Speaking of music, what would you classify your type of music as? If you had to put it in a genre, what would be your genre?

I would like to classify it as pop. You know what I mean? Even though it’s not popular yet, I would like to be. I want to make music that people can have fun to. I don’t want it to take itself too seriously. Everything that I make is basically catchy and potentially dance because I want it to be as fun as possible and appeal to as many people as possible.

So that leads into the next question. What pop artist would you LOVE to collaborate with?

I hate to be cliche, but I love what Lady Gaga does. I just love how she presents herself and how she goes out there. It’s kind of why I started producing my own projects. Because as an actor, I love being in Dylan’s skin, it’s a little bit weird. I feel really really comfortable in that character because he’s very shy as you know and I think part of me really is.

Well Lady Gaga is really groundbreaking for our generation, just being herself, and being as weird and as edgy as she possibly can and being OK with that. Making an ugly face and being OK with that.

I completely agree with you! And when it comes to acting I have idols and one who I got to meet recently and I’ve become friends with and even helped me promote Traffic Jam is Matt Lucas from Alice in Wonderland. He completely transforms himself and that’s magical. When I talk to him, he’s like an X-men. [Laughs]

He plays Vicky Pollard, right?

Yeah he’s Vicky Pollard. He’s like a real live X-Man, you know what I mean? He’s basically like a real live Mystique. That character that can turn into anybody. He doesn’t look like other people, he isn’t like other people, he’s different and he’s able to transform. That’s the kind of thing, acting wise, I would want to do.  I feel like so much in comedy is based on people’s sense of superiority. So when they see someone who’s so smugly and messed up, it comforts them to the point of inducing laughter you know? And I would be willing to be the professional butt of other people’s jokes. Is that weird?

Not at all.

That’s why ‘Traffic Jam’ is kind of weird. It’s supposed to be kind of funny.

So what’s the deal with the Pink Tutu you wore out to a club in LA recently?

[Laughs] Oh that’s SO random. I actually got that from this costume that I was for Halloween a couple of years ago. I was the Queen of Hearts. The club scene is so blase’ and I’ll do anything to make it interesting you know?

Modern Family question for you: Who’s your favorite person to work with in the cast?

Besides Sarah Hyland, probably Ty Burrell. He’s a really good guy. He’s kind, he’s hilarious and he has this groundedness and sensitivity about him. He’s very accepting and completely genuine.

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