Wilmer Valderrama's Many Girlfriends (PHOTOS)

Ladies Love Wilmer!
Wilmer Valderrama's Many Women: Demi Lovato
Wilmer & Demi?
Wilmer Valderrama & Demi Lovato
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Wilmer Valderrama is reportedly dating Sonny with a Chance star Demi Lovato but she isn't the first young star that he has romanced. From Mila Kunis to Lindsay Lohan, 31-year-old Wilmer has seduced some of the most beautiful women in La La Land.

Join Celebuzz as we take a look back at the many girlfriends (and hook-ups) of one of the biggest players in Hollywood.

Do you think WIlmer is right for Demi? Check out our gallery and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • thebackgroundartiste

    He looks like he hasn't slept in weeks (but still thinks he looks good). Please tell me what these girls see in him. Even in a "latin lover" category he has nothing going for him and he's older than all of these girls. Why doesn't he find someone his own age before he winds up in court ?

  • thebackgroundartiste

    Statutory rape.

  • thebackgroundartiste

    ......and then changed the locks when he was bored with her because he wasn't man enough to break up properly. This sleazebag preys on underage girls and gets away with it. Why ???

  • thebackgroundartiste

    Why hasn't he ever been arrested for statutory rape ? The U.S. is so busy hounding Roman Polanski for one incident thirty years ago and yet this predator is free to do as he pleases with much younger girls? Why the double standard ?

  • Aj

    I dis agree I think he is good for her but he is to old for her

  • Kathya

    Nooooooo i think Wilmer has the nature of hummingbird !!!!!

  • Anne


  • Anne

    and how do you know that ? plus they are not dating

  • labrunetta

    Yes!!!!! I totally agree with you, not to mention how utterly crass and arrogant he is, always spilling the beans about his all his ex's sexual habits. Can't stand him!!

  • Bern

    Yeah a wizard...more like a pedaphile! He must have a real hard time impressing WOMEN his own age. Gross.

  • Malkin

    Definitely a downgrade from Arianna. Demi will never be in anything as great as Jurassic Park

  • Phoenix

    ewww point blank! i mean i love Handy Manny but thats just WRONG

  • noah

    Wilmer Valderrama must be a wizard or something. His list is down right impressive. I bet all his spells are in Spanglish.