First Listen: Glee Debuts Original Songs!

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After literally hundreds of Glee's cover songs have made their way to the Billboard charts, the hit Fox show is taking a stab at original music, and the songs have finally made their debut!

Two songs have been recorded for upcoming episodes: "Loser Like Me", which is an upbeat tempo sung by the whole cast, was made with the collaboration of music mogul Max Martin (who has worked with the likes of Britney Spears) and the other "Get it Right" is a ballad type song which Lea Michele graces her golden pipes with.

Both songs will be featured on Glee: The Music, Volume 5 when it drops on March 8! Take a listen to "Loser Like Me" above and "Get it Right" below!

What are your thoughts on the songs? Hits? Or should they stick to covers? Let us know in the comments!



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  • expected more
    expected more

    I agree that loser like me is a little too pop groupy. I was hoping for something a little less polished and disneyish. I guess all the hype kind of made me get my hopes up a little as far as what they could come up with. Lea's song Get It Right however was great. Im glad theyre getting back to showcasing her voice a little, totally does the show justice.

  • Blah

    "Loser Like Me" sounds like it could be an S-Club 7 song... i think they're a decade or so behind in the 90s group songs, but i still like it. The ballad is good though.. Lea's voice is amazing.