How to Snag Pauly D! ‘Jersey Shore’ Gorilla Reveals Ideal Girl

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Full disclosure: some of the Celebuzz staff is crushing on Pauly D. When he talked about his ideal mate, natch, ears perked up!

Just what exactly is the Jersey Shore bachelor  looking for?

“I’m looking for a girl who’s funny, that has family values … Someone I can bring home to my mother.”

The revelation came during a taping with Ellen DeGeneres on her show, airing Monday, February 28th. With his wild ways, the talk show host pointed out that it may be hard to find the type of girl he’s looking for.

“That’s a good point but maybe she’ll see and see that I’m a little bit different. I’m a nice guy and she’ll see that in me.”

The crew is going to Italy for the next season of the popular reality show, where hopes to find romance.

“I’m hoping in Italy maybe I can find something different.”

Which of the Jersey Shore guys would you date? Drop your fave in the comments below!