Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never: Director’s Fan Cut’ Exclusive Clip! (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber fans, get ready to have your Biebs-loving minds blown, as Celebuzz has an exclusive clip from the incredibly anticipated, one-week-only release of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never the Director’s Fan Cut. Say it with us: O.M.G.!

In the exclusive clip, Bieber is seen being his usual prank-prone self, getting into water gun fights with his pal Sean Kingston and others … but Bieber finds himself on the receiving end of a massive bucket of water as he emerges from in between two buses. Thankfully, he can give it and take it, as he smiles off the fact that his luscious pre-haircut locks just got drenched. Watch the exclusive video below!

Earlier this week, Celebuzz chatted with ‘NSN’ director Jon M. Chu, who told us that working with the Biebs turned into one big prank-fest. He said that Biebs is an amazing gentleman — most of the time. He’s only 16, so he’s extremely rebellious, so he will prank me all the time. He’s called my ex-girlfriend on my behalf, he’s taken over my Twitter obviously, he’s done many things and he just loves to play all the time. So, when I’m working, and my work is to follow him around, it’s very difficult sometimes, but that’s the fun of it all. I’ll be filming him, and he’ll just start running so I have to run with him, and I don’t do physical activity, so it isn’t very fun for me.”

After a massive response to the original Never Say Never, director Jon M. Chu put together his Director’s Fan Cut to give fans a glimpse at all of the material that didn’t make it into the original, but was still interesting. Also in the mix is video from screenings of the first movie taken just two weeks ago, a remarkable feat in cinematic terms.

The Director’s Fan Cut of NSN is released Friday, February 25 for a very-limited one-week-only showing. Catch it while you can!