Khloe Kardashian Works Out With Richard Simmons (PHOTOS)

We know that quick-witted Khloe Kardashian is off the cuff, but can she keep up with the sparkly Richard Simmons? The fitness guru may surprise fans with his uproarious (and occasionally raunchy) humor when he appears on Khloe & Lamar’s upcoming reality show!

It appears Khloe was an instant fan, as she writes on her blog:

Richard Simmons’ workout class!!!!! Need I say more!!!??? I went into this class with flat ironed straight hair and left with curly hair! I was dripping wet after this workout but had the time of my life!!! So much fun!!! So many calories lost and such great music. Wait until you see the footage that was caught on camera.

Offering a sneak-peek, new pics go inside his studio — where the ‘80s icon can still be found fighting fat in his trademark tanks and stripped short shorts. One thing has changed since his heyday: There’s no sweating to the oldies! Richard plays a current mix of his dancehall favorites, including Britney Spears and Laga Gaga remixes.