Oscars Nominations 2011: The Biggest Snubs (PHOTOS)

With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, Celebuzz decided to revisit a look at some stars who won't be making an appearance at the Academy Awards due to getting snubbed out of a nomination. Checkout the shut-out short list and let us know: Is your fave still in the Oscar race? Sound off in the comments.



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  • Lil'Sera

    Sigh. Oscar is getting more and more of a joke. Can't believe they passed Leo Dicap, and approve people like Jessie Eisenberg. Not to say JE is not good, just if you compare, it's obvious who has more quality. Oscar don't value good actor anymore. It's really a joke.

  • luanne

    With or without an Oscar nod this year; this woman is a sure winner with the sexy black Sheer clothes shes wearing.

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    I really liked "The Fighter." Too bad others didn't feel the same. http://www.seekingstylists.com

  • Janey

    not fair...

  • retwetrt

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