Source: Miley Cyrus Trying To Hide Stress Under 'Constant Smile'

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Miley Cyrus might seem like a happy 18-year-old pop star on the outside but sources close to the young celeb say that she is going through a very difficult time.

According to People, Miley has been trying to cope with the intense stress put on her following dad Billy Ray Cyrus' controversial comments to GQ magazine.

"[Miley] seemed stressed, though she tries to hide it behind a constant smile," a source tells People. "Miley is upset. She's very hurt and angry."

It's easy to see why Miley is upset: Her father Billy Ray recently told GQ that he is "scared" for his daughter's well-being and that he feels that Hannah Montana "ruined" his family. Billy Ray has since said that his comments were "explosive, and unintentionally so" and that he is trying to focus on mending his relationship with his family.

Billy Ray's comments aren't the only things that are stressing out the young star. Miley's parents are currently going through a divorce (the pair filed for separation in late 2010) and the "Can't Be Tamed" singer has been spending most of her time with her mother, Tish Cyrus, in Los Angeles.

Miley is also currently in the middle of trying to plot her next career move. Will the young star move more towards films or will she record another album? Miley's relationship with Disney (the company who put out The Last Song) has been put under a lot of strain thanks to Billy Ray's comments. Sources connected to Disney recently told The Hollywood Reporter that Miley's future with the company is "TBD" following Billy Ray's GQ interview. Yikes!

Hopefully Miley will find a way to make it through these stressful times and get back to what she does best.

Do you feel bad for Miley? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Deborah Tapert
    Deborah Tapert

    Since Miley stays with her run around mother now, They should both go and stay with Charlie Sheen he takes in strays and is way, way better looking than Bret Michales.

  • rainbowpanda

    she looks fat

  • stee

    ew u r horrible

  • Anne


  • Kathy

    Billy Ray continue to support Miley. She needs you now more than ever. Work at being the parent more than the friend. Continue to love and respect each other. You have a lovely family and please do not let anything change that. Keep spending quality time together.

  • Anne

    i think he did share it with her in person but i dont think she listened and he tired of people blaming him for her mistakes so he wanted to share a itwith the world and let them know that he doesnt agree on what she does

  • YaNotGonnaHappen

    I agree with what Billy Ray says, but she's equally as right in being angered by his comments. Even though they're true, it's something he could've shared with her in private. I'm just concerned she's going to go down the Lilo path (as someone previously mentioned) and I truly hope she has the insight to avoid that at all costs.

  • Ned

    I collect celebrity turds. I'm paying $500 for a Miley.

  • Anne

    i agree with you . but she should be upset i mean who wouldnt ? i dont expect her to be happy after reading er father sharing everything with the world but i think she does blame herself and is not happy with herself either . i hate it when people go 'oh she has no reason to be upset' SHE DOES have a reason to be upset . if you were miley what would you feel like ? we dont know until we are miley even i dont .

  • Anne

    no i think the worst thing she needs is to get out of hollywood

  • Jaylynn Riggins
    Jaylynn Riggins

    her dad is right it's not like he called her a disgrace she shouldn't be upset with her father, she should be upset with herself...her dad didn't make her do any of those things. she has a mind of her own

  • justme

    Her father is right. I hope he doesn't back down. The best thing she could do right now is get out of the business for a couple of years.

  • Anon

    no, her Dad is right, she needs to clean up her act or she'll be next Lindsay Lohan