Taylor Swift & Chord Overstreet Hit Up Hockey Game


Chord Overstreet and Taylor Swift were spotted at an LA Kings hockey game on Thursday night -- should we be expecting a song on her next album about him? In a quickly emerging trend, this wouldn't be the first time this week a Glee hunk was seen mingling with a beautiful celeb at a sporting event (we're looking at you Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn).

This also wouldn't be the first time T-Swift has been seen hanging with a Glee hottie, as there were plenty of rumors swirling about her and Chord's co-star Cory Monteith last year.

What are your thoughts on Chord and Swifty's outing? Just being friendly? Share your theories in the comments!



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  • Enchanted13

    Hey taylor you stole chord from me. LOL kidding You two are so cute together hope you last... Now wondering what song are you gonna write for him...mhmmm......... Better watch it taylor chord is mine LOl xD

  • Lola

    Village bicycle much.

  • Trescott Riley
    Trescott Riley

    they look cute its good to see her dating again shes young shes not ready to settle down yet

  • Adrienne

    yes he probably is going to be her next song also they look like they are in love with eachother dont they?

  • monikeke

    He is probably going to be her next song.

  • Destiny

    There was a time when I liked Taylor Swift.She's always writing about finding love and well all girls can relate to it.But she started changing men so quickly I can't keep up.And I totally agree with almomsen.

  • almomsen

    well I'm not shocked. everytime there is new guy in the spotlight taylor goes out with him!!!

  • noah

    First the other Glee guy is photographed making out with my girlfriend Olivia Munn and now this guy is trying to game on my future wife Taylor? Those Glee guys are a bunch of bastards.

  • sydsouth

    * She kinda gets around!!! Like, around and back AGAIN!! *

  • retwetrt

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