Taylor Swift & Chord Overstreet Hit Up Hockey Game

Hockey Game Hook Up
Matthew Morrison & Olivia Munn lock lips.
Taylor Swift's Hookups
Here are some of Swift's infamous hookups.
Chord Overstreet and Taylor Swift were spotted at an LA Kings hockey game on Thursday night — should we be expecting a song on her next album about him? In a quickly emerging trend, this wouldn’t be the first time this week a Glee hunk was seen mingling with a beautiful celeb at a sporting event (we’re looking at you Matthew Morrison and Olivia Munn).

This also wouldn’t be the first time T-Swift has been seen hanging with a Glee hottie, as there were plenty of rumors swirling about her and Chord’s co-star Cory Monteith last year.

What are your thoughts on Chord and Swifty’s outing? Just being friendly? Share your theories in the comments!