Who’s the Hotter Franco Brother: Dave or James?

As Oscar night approaches this weekend, James Franco will be front-and-center as he hosts the big show with Anne Hathaway. Also in attendance will be James’ little brother Dave, who himself has been making some headlines lately. And because we’re Franco-philes (get it?), celebrating both brothers Franco just seemed right on this Friday.

Dave showed off his acting skills in a new video with Emma Roberts for the band Cults, and just this week announced that his grandmother will be his Oscars date to watch James do his thing. So. Cute! As for James, well, he’s the same old charming, adorable and quirky-charismatic guy we’ve all come to love.

So, while James is (currently) the bigger star of the two, our question for you is: Who’s the hotter Franco brother? Answer in our poll, and check out our interview with Dave from a few months ago!