Oscar Stars Yearbook Flashback!

Oh, Oscars. When the world celebrates today's most illustrious movie stars. But, just like everyone else, they were once dorky, pimpled and awkward teenagers. Allow Celebuzz to guide you through the wonder years for the 2011 Oscar nominee crop, and be sure to come back on Sunday for our super-awesome Oscars coverage!


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  • Ki

    Much prettier wit long hair i tink...

  • Ki

    Much prettier wit long hair i tink...

  • AnnieAreyaok

    Wow do celebuzz not like jennifer lawrence or wat??

  • vbxcvbcbn

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  • Kim

    Just because she was in films didn't make her famous. For the record Jesse Eisenberg was in a film before that Senior photo of fim too...but you didn't know that...because he wasn't famous. Just like a lot of people didn't know Natalie Portman when she was in The Professional. Stop nit-picking.