John Stamos & More Stars Who Got Better With Age (PHOTOS)

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Many have been watching the excessive lifestyle of Charlie Sheen unravel before their very eyes. While he has potentially ruined his sitcom Two and a Half Men for good, the producers are still holding out hope in the form of possible replacement John Stamos.

The rumor of John replacing Charlie may have started via John’s own Twitter, but that idea has quickly gained steam. E! Online reports that the Glee actor spoke with producers of the show, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

This potential casting got Celebuzz thinking — many actors get caught up in the face paced Hollywood lifestyle, which can definitely take a toll on them physically, but there are some stars who have only begun to hit their handsome-ness stride.

From ’80s heartthrobs who still have it, to men who have evolved into silver foxes, these actors are the personification of aging gracefully.

Take a look through the gallery and tell us in the comments, who is your favorite dreamboat?